On Wednesday, Titusville resident Bud Herb celebrated triple digits as he enjoyed his 100th birthday with friends and family. The gathering was held at the Titusville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, formerly known as Golden Living Center.

Herb was born in Pittsburgh and is a huge fan of the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. He went to high school at Washington Vocational High School and crossed the Allegheny River every day on his commute to school.

The Herb family is from Titusville and on a trip home to see his grandmother, Herb claimed he hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to Titusville because he “wanted to see grandma sooner.”

Herb served the United States in World War II as a part of the 325th Glider Infantry. He served in Berlin, Germany, and Holland, and participated in D-Day. Still to this day, Herb remembers his time in the service, praising his former General, James Gavins.

In January of 1946, after the War had ended, Herb and his infantry got to march in the New York City Victory Parade and were commemorated by then-president Harry S. Truman.

In his 18 months serving with the U.S. Army, Herb was a part of the crew that captured the first town in France, and according to him, earned “too many medals to count.”

After the war, Herb returned home to the Titusville area, building a house in Diamond and working 33 years at Cyclops Steel in Titusville.

He has been married to Beulah Herb for 78 years, who also resides at the rehabilitation center.

They had one child, Pam Warner, and “too many grandkids to count.

When asked about the longevity of their relationship, Beulah said, “Hell yeah, it has been a long time.”

100 years is nothing to scoff at, as Herb has lived through parts of both World Wars, the Vietnam War, the entire Cold War, both the Spanish Flu pandemic and the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as so many more historical events that have changed the world.

Herb’s advice to kids today comes in three basic steps.

“Stay off the dope, get an education and play pro football,” he said.

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