Oil Creek Township Zoning Board Denies Hasbrouck Variance

By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

OIL CREEK TOWNSHIP — The Oil Creek Township Zoning Board voted unanimously on Monday to deny Hasbrouck Sand & Gravel a variance to expand their gravel pit 200 feet from state Route 8. Hasbrouck’s now has the option to appeal the decision to the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas.

The meeting, which took less than two minutes, was a special meeting specifically to vote on the variance. The board held a hearing last month to hear from both parties on the issue before deciding to table the vote.

The Oil Creek Township Zoning Board declined to comment on the vote. The township said that they will release a written statement in the coming weeks detailing the reasoning behind the vote. Brett Hasbrouck, of Hasbrouck’s Sand and Gravel, also declined to comment.

Dvorkin can be reached at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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