Diamond Street property demolition moves forward

The property at 108-110 Diamond Street in Titusville has been crumbling since it was destroyed by fire in 2018. Plans are moving ahead for its demolition.

Titusville City Manager Neil Fratus reported to city council at its virtual Monday meeting that a plan to demolish a burned building on Diamond Street is in the works.

Fratus told council members, and those listening in, that he is working with the Titusville Redevelopment Authority (TRA) and the city building inspector to move forward in demolition of the property at 108 – 110 Diamond Street.

The building, located adjacent on each side to local businesses, was destroyed in a fire in February 2018. It was declared a total loss and has been decaying since the blaze.

Fratus informed council earlier in April that he had contacted the building’s owner, Jeff Danayer, of New York, in an attempt to reach an agreement with him to allow the city to take control of the property and demolish the building. Danayer had until May 1 to sign and return the agreement.

Fratus told council during Monday’s meeting that the city received the agreement back and was now “going through the necessary steps” to proceed with demolition.

The TRA has put out a bid package for demolition work with a deadline of May 13, according to Fratus.

“Everyone is anxious to get this building down,” Fratus said.

City Council has been broadcasting virtual meetings via YouTube. Councilman Roger Gordon apologized for “technical issues” and a delay in viewers being able to watch the meeting. “The first several minutes were not streamed live,” Gordon said near the end of the broadcast. “The public can come back about 30 minutes after the meeting closes (to view it).”

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