Creativity flourishes during restrictive times

The Wig family engaged in masked smooches on Saturday, as they took part in free “Porch Portraits.” Titusville Council on the Arts and Mader’s Portrait Design partnered to provide a chance for people to capture some memories while adhering to pandemic guidelines. Pictured, from left to right, are Terri and Ron Wig, Emily and fiance Nick and seated is Chris, smooching with his cat.

If social distancing has had one positive effect, it may be the abundance of creativity that people are engaging in. 

An event in Titusville on Saturday brought out some creative ideas for some local families. It also provided an idle photographer the chance to do what she loves.

Titusville Council on the Arts partnered with Mader’s Portrait Design to provide local people the chance to have some free photos taken from the safety of their own front porch.

The “Porch Portrait” event was called “Together Titusville.” The intent was to lift spirits and capture some memories of a time that will go down in history as a time of great challenges and great triumphs.

The Wig family planned out exactly how they wanted to portray this time in their lives. 

Ron Wig admitted it has been difficult felling “cooped up.” “We’ve been stuck at home,” he said. “We’re used to being out in the community. It’s been hard.”

When Cheri Carbaugh arrived to take the Wig family photos, Terri brought out the perfect chair to capture the moment.

Carbaugh told the Wigs she was thrilled to be able to get out also. She gave them a few directions and soon was counting down to three before she captured the moment.

The family gathered behind Terri as she sat in the chair for the first photo. 

“It’s fine for you all to touch each other. You’re a family,” Carbaugh said. “Just relax and enjoy being together.”

“You said we could do a funny one too,” Terri confirmed with Carbaugh.

As everyone put on their masks, Chris went in the house to fetch his “smooching partner.” “We’re all going to pretend to smooch,” Terri said.

Terri and Ron and Emily and fiance Nick did their best to kiss through their masks. Chris held up his feline friend and joined in the show of love.


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