Lorri Drumm, learns new beat

From snapping pictures of the snowy roads, jumping in on a Nerf war at the YMCA or attending the school’s spelling bee, Lorri Drumm has been getting involved in all things Titusville since she joined The Herald’s staff as managing editor on Jan. 13.

Drumm decided to go back to school in 2012 at Allegheny College through a scholarship designed for women interested in re-entering the classroom.

“I always wanted to go back to college,” Drumm said. “my kids were old enough that I felt I could handle working full-time and taking a few classes.” 

But, Drumm said she didn’t have a set idea in her head of what she wanted to pursue at school.

“So, I followed the advice that I had been given when I was raising my kids,” Drumm said. One of her children’s teachers told her to find the things that really interested them and help them pursue those things that they have a passion for.

“I thought, ‘I’m gonna follow that same advice,” Drumm said. 

During her first year at Allegheny College, Drumm said she took English classes, because “that’s what came easily to me.”

The second year at Allegheny College, Drumm decided to take a class by Cheryl Hatch, who is known for her photography and journalism work in reporting war.

“She was teaching journalism at Allegheny,” Drumm said. “And I wanted to learn from her.”

“She took me under her wing … she’s a wonderful mentor.” 

Drumm said that through Hatch, she obtained an internship at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2014, which was a great learning experience, she said.

The next year, she got a call from the Meadville Tribune about an opening at the paper. She took it. 

She worked there for three years. “My goal was to grow and get better,” she said. 

After three years, she put it her two week’s notice and spent that summer applying for a plethora of job options.

She had barely settled herself into a position at Campbell Pottery when she was approached by the Warren Times-Observer. She said they told her “if I came to Warren I’d have a job.” 

Drumm said she was hesitant, but after she talked with the managing editor, she decided to give it a go.

“It was much more laid back and there was more of a team atmosphere there,” Drumm said. 

She worked there for about a year and wasn’t looking to leave, she said. But after Mike Sample, publisher at The Herald reached out to her about an open position at The Herald, a back-and-forth ensued between the two about Drumm becoming the managing editor.

“When an opportunity presents  itself where you can to learn new things, improve yourself and make yourself more valuable to your profession, you’d be crazy to pass that up,” she explained.

Because she wasn’t looking to leave the Times-Observer, Drumm said that leaving the paper was different, but everyone was very congratulatory about it.

“We still have that connection,” Drumm said. “I know I can call anytime, and they know they can call here.”

The local-focus of The Herald was something Drumm appreciates, and said that the paper is more focused on serving the local community, and telling those local stories. “And that’s what drew me to this job,” she said.

After leaving Crawford County when she began work in Warren, Drumm has moved back to the area. She said that people have been very welcoming since she moved to Titusville.

“When you go out and tell them who you are, right away they welcome you to the community.”

One of her goals is to get to know the people better, and what it is that’s important to them and what they want to see in the newspaper. 

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