Have you ever passed through a town or village and wondered how the name that identifies it came to be?

The source of some town names are pretty obvious. Many were named after the local environment or early settlers. Each place has a story behind it. That’s where The Herald, and its readers, come in. We want to tell those stories.

The Herald will soon embark on a series called “Name that Town.” Some might recall a similar name of a game show. There won’t be a contest to name the town with one letter. It will simply be a look back to discover how local places originated.

The series will start right here in Titusville and spread beyond the city limits as far as the stories take us. Staff at The Herald will be delving into the past, as well as welcoming input from readers.

We would like to hear about well-known local areas, as well as obscure little villages that only a longtime resident might know about. Take, for example, an editor who grew up in Butler County in a village called “Haysville.” Back in the day, Haysville was made up of probably a dozen families. There were lots of pastures and horses were pretty popular. Chances are someone named “Hays” named the small community. It’s probably not on a map, but locals could direct you there. Haysville lies between Karns City and Hooker — there’s a town name that may have a colorful origin.

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to bringing the stories of our local area to the readers. We also encourage readers to compose those stories, should they so choose.

If you have a story about how a local town or village got its name we welcome you to email them to Lorri Drumm at ldrumm@titusvilleherald.com, or drop them off at our office, at  209 W. Spring St., Titusville, during regular business hours. We can also be reached by phone at (814) 827-3634.

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