By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

At a meeting of the Titusville Area School District Board of Directors meeting Monday night, building principals gave the board an overview of how last week’s parent-teacher conferences went. Due to the global pandemic, parents were urged to schedule their conferences via online methods such as phone calls and video conferencing. Overall, the principals were happy with how smoothly the conferences proceeded.

Titusville Middle School Principal Jessica Stover reported that there were 85 conferences held. Stover said that she received positive feedback from teachers who were happy to have good conversations with parents.

At Titusville High School, Principal Phil Knapp told the board that there were 805 conferences held, about 20 per teacher. Knapp thanked teachers and parents for their flexibility. Knapp said that conferences were held online with parents using every method possible to meet with teachers. Knapp also said that the parents were happy with the virtual conferences as they didn’t have to take time off work.

Pleasantville Elementary Principal Shawn Fink said that there were 214 conferences held for their students. Fink said that families thanked teachers for their hard work this semester. Fink also said that this was “one of the better conferences” they’ve had as only four families did not meet with teachers this year. Fink also said that parents mentioned that the virtual conferences were “very convenient.”

Early Childhood Learning Center Principal Stephanie Beck reported 96% conference attendance numbers as 217 of 226 families met with teachers. Beck said she echoed the same sentiments as the other principals who spoke before her.

Hydetown Elementary School Principal Stacy Houk had 215 of 225 conferences attended. For the second year parents were able to use the website SignupGenius to choose their own conference times. Houk told board members that families with two working parents really appreciated the virtual conferences. Parents said that they could hop on the meetings during lunch breaks and that the flexibility was helpful.

At Main Street Elementary, Principal Nancy Wright reported that they held 231 conferences with only eight no-shows. Wright said that MSE had to cancel its book fair, so teachers gave books to families for free. Besides the book fair, Wright said that “everything else was the same.”

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