Chug! Chug! Chug!

Kids milk chugging contest winner Travis Childress finishes his container of milk during the competition at the Warren County Fair. Luckily for Childress, the milk running down his chin was not counted against him.

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Warren County — According to Kaitlin Sleeman, the Warren County Dairy Princess, the average person should consume three servings of dairy per day.

At the Warren County Fair on Tuesday, Sleeman helped fair goers get those servings in less than a minute, as adults and kids competed in the 2022 milk chugging contest.

“We are trying to get the word out that you should get three portions of dairy every day,” said Sleeman. “You shouldn’t chug those servings every day, but this is a fun way to get them in.”

Those who chose to compete had the chance to chug as much milk as they could in 30 seconds. Everyone who competed got a prize, but the real prize was for the audience who had the opportunity to see the looks on the faces of the contestants after the 30 seconds was over.

“It is great to see their reaction,” said Sleeman.

“Last year no one ended up getting sick, but some did end up in the bathroom,” she said. All of this year’s contestants were able to keep their milk down.

For the kids, the winner, who chugged nearly the entire bottle of milk, was Travis Childress, of Tiona, Pa. Childress, who competed last year, said he came back to this year’s event “with a vengeance.”

When asked if he had been practicing at home, Childress said no, he doesn’t even really like milk. “I just like winning,” he said.

Even after chugging almost the entire bottle of milk, Childress said that he was feeling pretty good. However, he did say that might not be the case after going on a couple of rides.

“The carnival people might get mad at me for puking,” he said.

The winner of the adult chugging contest was Jason Fiscus, of Warren. Fiscus finished his entire bottle of milk in the 30 seconds. Fiscus left the competition feeling pretty good, and was happy to have a cold drink on a hot day.

“I’m not feeling too bad. It really quenches your thirst,” he said.

After all the competitions had ended, Sleeman thanked the participants for getting some dairy in at the fair. She left them with a reminder of the importance of dairy, and said to make sure they stop and “maybe get a milkshake or a string cheese to make sure they get all three servings.”

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