By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

MEADVILLE — Crawford County Commissioner Eric Henry announced during a virtual presentation on Facebook on Wednesday that all county precinct votes have been counted.

The vote totals for Crawford County will be on display at the courthouse and available online. The vote totals include all mail-in/absentee ballots, provisional ballots and military ballots. The results can be certified after five days of inspection.

During the presentation, Henry showed the 2020 vote totals for the presidential race. Donald Trump received 24,987 votes (68%) while Joe Biden received 12,919 votes (31%).

While the 2020 vote totals are greater than in the 2016 election, Donald Trump won a similar percentage of votes in the 2016 election at 67%. In 2016, 35,958 votes were cast compared to 41,171 for this year’s election. Crawford Counties total voter turnout this year was 73%.

A noted difference in the 2020 general election was the increase in mail-in ballots used. While Donald Trump won the majority of the votes in Crawford County, challenger Joe Biden received the bulk of votes via mail-in ballot. In Crawford County, Biden received 6,657 mail in ballot votes (64%), while Donald Trump received 3,822 mail-in votes (36%).

Biden received a smaller percentage of mail-in votes in Crawford County than he did in Pennsylvania as a whole. In total, Biden won 77% of mail-in votes in the Keystone State.

After providing details and figures, Henry changed the focus from numbers to election sentiments. He noted that his office had received numerous calls complaining about the 2020 election.

Henry asked residents to please reach out to election officials and not to abuse those who work the phones. “I ask everyone who has complaints to reach out,” he said. “But please don’t yell and scream at our staff.”

Henry directly addressed several complaints that election officials have received. He said that many residents had complained about ballots showing up at homes. He wanted voters to know that what they received are ballot applications, not ballots themselves. He said that the only way one can receive a ballot at their home is if they asked for it.

Henry noted that both Republican and Democratic organizations sent out ballot applications. He added  that the complaints of dead relatives receiving ballots was also due to the deceased receiving ballot applications.

Henry also touched on other complaints such as family members who might have lied about if they voted and scanners not counting votes. He assured residents that all these complaints have been looked into, and asked those who file complaints to please bring proof and/or documentation.

Henry expressed pleasure with how Crawford County handled the elections saying, “I’m very proud of our election board.” He also asked that people not believe everything they read online or in the media.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at

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