SAEGERTOWN — The PENNCREST School District board met Thursday night for their regularly scheduled voting meeting.

The board unanimously decided to reappoint superintendent Dr. Timothy Glasspool to the position he currently holds. Glasspool’s new contract has him as superintendent until June 30, 2026.

Glasspool will receive an annual salary of $142,688. School board member Robert Gulick was happy to have Glasspool on board for five more years saying, “I couldn’t imagine anyone getting us through this like he has.”

School board Vice President Luigi DeFrancesco echoed a similar sentiment saying that Glasspool “proved he can handle whatever comes up.”

While the board was happy to welcome Glasspool back, they were not as pleased to present that both Randolph and Steuben Townships chose not to opt in to allow the school district to use local inspectors for the Maplewood Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) project.

As the Maplewood buildings are considered commercial property, the district will now have to go through the Department of Labor and Industry to inspect and permit the project. The extra costs to the project needed due to going through Harrisburg will allegedly cost the district an extra $500,000.

DeFrancesco asked the group where the extra costs come from by going through the Department of Labor and Industry.

While discussion was had about the townships decisions to not opt in, a board member who did not identify himself to those listening to the meeting online, said that the townships should be publicly shamed.

Another board member then asked the residents of the townships to go to the supervisors and let them know how they have cost their residents money through a probable increase in taxes.

Board members were upset about how they felt the township supervisors did not provide a reason for not opting in to save the school district project costs.

The next step will to be to contact McClure Company, who is working with the district on the GESA projects, about the change in cost and where the extra $500,000 is going  to come from in more detail.

In other business, PENNCREST’s PAEA representative Melissa Statman voiced some concerns she had over the first draft of the 2021-2022 school calendar.

Statman first said that the district’s plan to move parent-teacher conferences from March 29 to March 11 would not benefit teachers or students. She said that moving the conferences forward would not provide enough class time for teachers to accurately provide parents with updates of how their academic progress is going.

She also brought up an issue with February professional days. Statman is worried that the long March month without a day off could hurt both teachers and students.

Glasspool said that the school district is currently working on the second draft and will make sure Statman’s concerns are heard.

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