Dear Editor,

In the world of politics this is where the rubber meets the road.

What is the difference between a Democratic Governor that has 11 women accusing him of abuse and a Republican that has 16 to 22 women accusing him of abuse and rape?

The Democratic Governor faces immediate condemnation from his state and national parties. Further the Democratic President, the Democratic Head of the Senate and the Democratic Speaker of the House have all called on him to resign. His Democratic state legislator has already taken step to impeach him.

How did the Republican Party deal with their person accused of far worst abuse than the Democratic Governor? The Republicans elected him President and after losing the White House, the Senate and the House to the Democrats in 2020, they have made him the face of the party.

It appears to me that we have a two party system that looks at the world through entirely different filters. Do we still live in a world where right is right and wrong is wrong, truth is truth and lies are lies? I have been often told I see the world as to black and white but appears that gray is where most people want to be.

John B. Wiley


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