One of the best songs by The Who, titled, “The Real Me,” asks one question repeatedly. “Can you see the real me?” I think after eight months in office, we can see the real President Biden.

Truth be told, we had a glimpse of it long before the presidential election. When Biden’s boss for eight years, President Obama, said, “Joe, you don’t have to do this,” perhaps voters should have paid more attention.

Note to voters: If a vice-president can’t get a stamp of approval from a president he served for two terms, perhaps you should think twice before casting your vote. Remember when Al Gore ran for president? He lost his home state--which is also very revealing.

Spending 2.3 trillion dollars over 20 years in Afghanistan to see things end this way is enough to make a grown man cry. But when things end badly, follow the political playbook--and blame your predecessor.

Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and Secretary of State under President Trump, admitted his boss wanted to get out of Afghanistan in January 2017, right after he took office. But he never threw caution to the wind.

“We told the president that it wasn’t feasible to get out quickly, so he didn’t,” Pompeo said. Instead, the number of troops were drawn down slowly. If you’ve been somewhere for two decades, slowing down for a few months to promote a smoother withdrawal shouldn’t be a big deal. But we are now learning that the hard way.

Other information that has come to light very recently is that President Biden rejected the opinion of his top generals who advised him to hold Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan until the evacuation of all Americans and allies was complete.

And the city of Kabul--not just the airport--was offered to be placed under American control until the withdrawal was complete. Had the administration agreed to this, there’s no way anyone would have gotten close enough to the airport to kill 13 U.S troops. Prior to this, 18 months had passed without an American military death.

We saw Biden’s temper on the campaign trail, as he got in the face of a factory worker, yelling, “I’m not working for you!” And now he often gets terse while answering questions during a presser--even turning his back to reporters if he doesn’t like their questions.

Let’s briefly go back in time for a quick visit, shall we? Imagine President Trump turning his back on reporters. A choir of Democratic voices would be singing, “Impeach him!” Now let’s head back to Bill in the studio.

One of the mothers of a Marine who had been killed near the airport in Kabul recently scorched President Biden on social media. She claims that during the ceremony of the transfer of the bodies at Dover Air Force Base, Biden checked his watch five times.

When she was finally able to speak to him, she stated that she must have said something he didn’t like, because he rolled his eyes, threw his hands in the air, and then walked away from her. Two fathers to whom Biden talked said he spent more time talking about his own son than about their sons.

But hey, it was a dignified ceremony, according to some media outlets. Yet, the administration is forbidding any private rescue flights--and has told allies not to accept American refugees that might be rescued by foreign forces. That’s pretty dignified.

Of course, it’s not quite as dignified as the picture of President Biden falling asleep while meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel. If you never saw that picture, then your news source isn’t very dignified.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Marine Corp slogan, ”no man left behind,” was America’s mantra in times of war. Apparently, it’s not anymore. It must have been too dignified.

Jeff Ottney was a teacher at Titusville High School and was once the managing editor of Rollercoaster! magazine. While he owes his political views to Aristotle, Edmund Burke and George Will, he believes the most conservatizing experience one can have is becoming a parent. Ottney can be reached at

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