For almost two years now, 219 East Central Ave. in Titusville has been vacant, as the former Perkins Restaurant and Bakery closed shop. The restaurant joined 25 other restaurants seeking new ownership, but unlike some of the others, the building failed to find one.

Nowadays the building sits in the heart of Titusville with wasted potential on what could be a great spot to eat out with friends and family. Titusville is a town that already lacks the traditional sit-down restaurants with Sam’s Restaurant, Missy’s Arcade, Fat Chad’s, Marlin’s and other local establishments pulling all of the weight.

Other than that, the town has its share of your typical small-town fast food places. As much as I am an avid lover of pizza (ask any Little Caesars employee), I think this town has enough diabetes hotspots.

So with sit-down restaurants starting to open up due to the coronavirus pandemic waning, I want to give my own thoughts on what I would like to see fill the vacant space on East Central Avenue.

Just to clarify, I have absolutely no experience in the food enterprise business (unless you count working at McDonald’s when I was in high school), so the logistics and reasonability of these restaurants coming to town are just me guessing.

With the size of the former Perkins building, I think restaurants like, Olive Garden, Applebees, Bob Evans, or Red Robin make a lot of sense. All of these places are sit-down and eat-in family restaurants. The type of restaurants that have pre-made crayon sets for children to color with while they wait for their food.

While these are all solid options, none of these options really jump out to me. What Titusville really needs is a new food place that differentiates from your run-of-the-mill family restaurant.

Red Lobster, Popeyes, or Chipotle have more interesting menus that could provide some more variety from the standard Titusville meal. But these shops are reserved for the bigger towns like Meadville and Erie. They get everything.

An area that T-Vegas could certainly improve on is a place to eat breakfast. Outside of Missy’s Arcade and Sam’s Restaurant, there are very few places to enjoy the most important meal of the day.

How about an IHop, Denny’s, or Cracker Barrel? A Cracker Barrel may be tough to squeeze into the building with the country store having to come with it. But Denny’s offers all-you-can-eat pancakes for only $4, making it perfect for the average Titusville citizen’s wallet.

If there is one store that I want more than any others in town, it would be an Eat’n Park. With Warner’s Bakery being the birthplace of the Eatn’ Park smiley cookie, why is there not an Eat’n Park in town with it?

Again, these are just my wild fantasies about having a place in town to eat that is not pizza or burgers. No disrespect to the places that sell that, just a little more diversity would be nice because I have gained weight ever since coming home from college.

If you have any opinions on what you would like to replace the former Perkins let us at The Herald know. Or if you want to take things further, the building is still for sale and you can turn it into a local restaurant for the whole city to enjoy!

Krepps is a contributing writer for The Titusville Herald and a rising senior at Robert Morris University. He is an up-and-coming sports journalist from Chapmanville and writes for The Herald, RMU Sentry Media, Colonial Sports Network, Pittsburgh Sports Now, Pittsburgh Hockey Now, Pittsburgh Sports Castle, and also manages his own YouTube channel by the name of Owen Krepps.

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