Dear Editor,

On Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 at 10 a.m., the Titusville Rockets Soccer Team had a game at Carter Field.

Prior to the game,were announcements, including the rules of conduct and introduction of players. At the conclusion of announcements everyone stood for the playing of our National Anthem. However, there was no flag. Yes – No Flag! We were all standing in silence staring at an empty flag pole.

After the anthem, I asked the TASD Director of Transportation and Food Service, Michael Hlad, who was standing near the flag pole, “Where’s the flag?” He responded, “ In a locked room and I don’t have a key.”

I responded that this was ridiculous and unacceptable. Hlad simply said, “ok.” My response was, “No, it’s not o.k., It’s 9/11 and the flag should be flying.”

Hlad quickly informed me that, “everyone with a key is out of the district today.”

I then offered my phone for him to call for a key, but he wasn’t interested. Looking around, I counted seven district employees — but no key!

Why should any event start without our flag? Shame on the school district representatives for allowing this to happen.

What is more important than acknowledging our heroes who have fought and sacrificed for our country? Or honoring the 2,977 lives that were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

I would be most happy to provide to the school district, a list of businesses, service organizations, and private citizens who would be proud to donate flags and to make keys for the school district representatives.

It’s the responsibility of educators and parents to teach good sportsmanship and the rules of conduct at any sporting event. Our children learn from example. This begins with showing pride in our country, the same pride we have in our children and their teams.

I am happy to report that 20 minutes into the game, the flag was raised, flying at half-staff.

Andrew Fish,


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