Dear Editor:

American exceptionalism says that because of our history and government, we are superior to other nations.

One has to question such exceptionalism and any sense of national morality after reading the executive order, titled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

This order is exceptional in its conflation of Islam with terror, neglect of American values, and utter moral bankruptcy.

Equating the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims with terrorism is unconscionable.  Between 2001 and 2016, 123 Americans were killed by Muslims; in that same period, over 240,000 Americans were murdered by non-Muslims.

We have a problem with violence, but not from Muslims. 

This order is fear-based, not fact-based.  

If America once welcomed the huddled masses, that day seems passed.

Although America “makes no law respecting an establishment of religion,” apparently valuing religions equally only applies sometimes.

Refusing to admit people based on their religion, and insidiously, suggesting that we will prejudice our acceptance towards Christians, is wrong.

Lastly, this order is exceptional in its injustice.

Turning away refugees and others from countries we have helped destroy is immoral. 

America has led the world in acceptance of the world’s refugees; would we undo that legacy now?

If we abandon our values and responsibilities so easily, how can we claim to be exceptional?

May we find the better angels of our nation’s founding principles, and advocate for a change to this dishonorable order.

Melinda Hall


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In Regards to Melinda Halls' post; lest us not forget that the original ban was an action created by Obama not Trump. Also, the USA already grants 1 Million legal immigrants to enter the US annually. In the early part of the 70's any person entering the USA and seeking the right to stay had to have something to bring to the table. They had to be skilled or already have employment lined up. Although, I guess I digress a bit there. The Muslim religion only makes up 1% of our total population. We have approximately 3 million Muslims living in our country. So it is of no surprise that the rate of Muslim crime is lower than those of Non-Muslim. Quite frankly, 240 crimes committed by any religion, in our country, is too many.


If you are saying that muslim's are still dangerous because they have killed so many with such a small percentage, then please follow the logic through:
1. "The Muslim religion only makes up 1% of our total population. "
2. So 123 kills by 1% of the population that are muslims, would be = 123 kills per 1% of the population that are muslims
3. " 240,000 Americans were murdered by non-Muslims." which ~99%
4. So 2424 kills per 1% of the population that are non-muslims

i.e. muslim's are less likely to kill someone than non-muslims, per person.

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