Here we go again with the old song and dance, why shouldn’t our school kids come first. I say, when is it the time for all of the elderly people? The ones that make up a great deal of our population, the ones who have paid high property taxes for 50 years or more to keep this town afloat. They always get the shaft on these things.

I’m not against sports, I played baseball all my young years and legion ball, and you had to try out and make the team. There was no school baseball team.

And how in the world did the Bleday brothers ever get to the big leagues playing and growing up on these not-fit to- play-on-fields? Because their dad spent countless hours with them practicing.

Our sports programs have declined. Drive around town any day around 3:15 to 4 p.m., or so. You’ll notice 75% of the kids you see have their faces buried in the screens of their devices. They don’t even see where they’re going.

It’s not the taxpayers fault they built the sports complex in swampy lands! Maybe the school should build a dome for the boys and girls teams so they don’t get their feet wet.

I’ll bet most of the students could not multiply or divide a math figure with a pencil on paper using just their brains. Then, there are all the adult idiots that think that’s fine, that’s the new way! Hogwash! I thought, education was supposed to be first with school.

Also, every eight or nine years, how much will it cost to resurface this joke of a thing. 

Our youth are being turned into a bunch of sissies, and all this new technology is also turning a lot of our kids into zombies! What’s our mayor think of this most recent “brain...” of our school board? He grew up playing ball in the same mud as I, and many, many other kids. Wake up people. 

— Randall J. L’Huillier,


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