12th Drake Well Marathon winner

Ian Anderson (right), of Boston, Massachusetts, won the 12th annual Drake Well Marathon with a time of 2:49:19.95 on Sunday. Anderson was one of nine runners to qualify for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

For the 12th time, the trails of the Oil Region and the streets of Titusville were filled with runners from across the country for the annual running of the Drake Well Marathon and Half. It was a historic day on Sunday for the event as records were set in each of the two competitions.

Ian Anderson, of Boston, Massachusetts, became the youngest winner ever of the full marathon. Anderson completed the course in 2 hours, 49 minutes and 19.95 seconds, and had a pace of 6:27 per mile. Anderson, along with eight more runners, qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon — including Centerville’s Jeremy Post, who completed the race with under a minute to spare before his age group’s cutoff to qualify. At 22 years old, Anderson is one year younger than the previous two record holders — 2013 champion Eric Flaman and 2017 winner Shawn Wiler.

Although Wiler’s name was erased out of the record books in the full marathon, he was able to find another way to be etched in history and this time it’s his own milestone to permanently claim. Wiler, of Columbus, Pennsylvania, was victorious in the half marathon on Sunday, becoming the first runner in the event’s 12-year history to win both the full and half marathon. Wiler was the first to cross the finish line for the half marathon with a time of 1:14:38.45 and a pace of 5:42 per mile. His pace in Sunday’s half marathon improved upon his 2017 victory in the full marathon by 24 seconds per mile, and he wasn’t the only runner to improve on past attempts.

Meghan Linsted, of Titusville, competed in the half marathon for the second time. After finishing in 43rd place in 2016, Linsted jumped up to 19th on Sunday. She also had a time drop of more than 14 minutes and improved her pace by 67 seconds per mile.

“It feels awesome,” Linsted said of her improvement. “I was two minutes short of my personal record, but I was happy with what I was able to do.”

Linsted, who missed last year’s race due to an injury, decided to compete this time around just a week ago. Although she had been running and working out all summer, Linsted wanted to make sure she had the stamina to compete. So, she ran 10 miles with her dog a few days prior to the race, which gave her the confidence to go for it.

“I knew that if I could do 10 miles, I could do 13.1 miles,” Linsted said.

Linsted was one of the 44 runners who completed the 13.1 miles in the half marathon. Sixty-nine more athletes went the full distance of 26.2 miles, including two that competed on wheels. Pennsylvania resident David Convery, 61, competed in a wheelchair and finished the trek in 3:48:15.87, while Patrick Green did the course in a push rim chair pushed by Benjamin Green, in 4:34:13.68.

“Having David, Ben and Patrick was great,” Race Director Adam Peterson said. “I hope this is a start of more athletes like them coming back. The (overall) turnout was very similar to previous years, in regard to numbers. However, all the runners are top-notch and the volunteers are absolutely amazing. I can always rely on this community to help out when needed. They all make my job easier.”

There is no date officially set for the 13th annual running. However, Linsted intends on competing in the event again next season once the date is determined.

“It’s familiar and I enjoy the course,” Linsted said. “It’s repetitive and flat, but the few hills add to the experience, and I know exactly where they are on the course, so that helps. I also like seeing people I know out supporting the runners.”

 2020 Boston Marathon qualifiers
Runner, AgeCity, StatePlace, Time
Ian Anderson, 22Boston, MA1st, 2:49:10.95 
Matthew Meinema, 32Fort Wayne, IN2nd, 2:52:55.20
Jeremy Post, 37Centerville, PA3rd, 3:04:12.47
Luke Sigle, 36State College, PA4th, 3:04:14.69
Jay McMillan, 47Columbus, PA8th, 3:18:03.41
Kelly Willard, 38Cuyahoga Falls, OH10th, 3:29:09.04
Bryan Baroffio, 61Grand Junction, CO11th, 3:29:26.60
Martha Kelly, 44Palatine, IL15th, 3:39:50.97
Joe Guilyard, 62Penfield, PA21st, 3:48:28.47


Local full marathon finishers 
 Runner, AgeCityPlace, Time
Jeremy Post, 37Centerville3rd, 3:04:12.47
Holly Jackson, 34Sharpsville20th, 3:47:39.12
Angela Taylor, 37Mercer23rd, 3:51:44:61
Kristina Sivak, 45Warren24th, 3:51:45.21
Ronald Jordan, 33Slippery Rock32rd, 4:13:37.00
Shelley Butti, 36Edinboro63rd, 5:53:16.59


Local half marathon finishers
Runner, AgeCityPlace, Time
Angie Jenny, 39Grove City7th, 1:34:45.17
Jeff Lynn, 51Slippery Rock8th, 1:36:58.46 
Bill Whaley, 60Corry13th, 1:48:51:23 
Meghan Linsted, 32Titusville19th, 2:01:17.22 
Karmen Davis, 23Saegertown

26th, 2:14:34.74 

Lisa Roberts, 50Warren 27th, 2:18:29.45 
Christina Wilhelm, 54Spartansburg 44th, 3:36:24.37 

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I used to like to run before I went to war and served for this great country and came back in a wheel chair. I’d do it again, but not for the snowflakes who are ruining this country with their vaccine free baby snowflakes.

Noahs Bark

Congratulations to all the runners! This is a great event for our city. A special congrats to Ian and all those local runners who participate. We are all proud of you!!

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