Some dreary weather may have put a damper on the affair, but Titusville Area Youth Football still managed to be back in action for another set of three games Wednesday evening.

The Green Hornets and Golden Eagles both achieve victory with a pair of shutouts, adding insult to injury by winning with two touchdowns over their opponents. Meanwhile, the Ramblers weren’t able to find a win throughout the night, but did manage a tied game.

The night also saw a combined performance by the cheerleaders for all three teams, who did a dance between the first and second matches of the night.

Green Hornets 13, Red Ramblers 0

Play started with the Red Ramblers facing the Green Hornets. While the Hornets started with possession of the ball, following a kick off from the Ramblers, the green team quickly lost it.

On the first play after the kick, Rambler Riley Porter managed to recover a fumble to give his team the ball on the Hornet’s 25-yard line. However, the red team would only manage to make small gains over their downs, and were forced into a turnover by a solid Hornet defense.

The Hornets fought their way forward on their possession, which included a short run by Parker Miller, but the Ramblers were eventually able to retake control on the 45-yard line.

Perhaps looking for revenge on the fumble earlier, Hornet Hunter Vroman was able to intercept a Rambler throw shortly after the turnover, sprinting down field to reach only a single yard from the end zone. Miller followed up to score the touchdown, putting the Hornets on the board just as the first half came to an end.

Starting the later canto of the came, Rambler Tanner Wolfkield fielded the kick off, which landed on the Ramblers’ 40-yard line. While Hornet John Reed managed a 9-yard dash on the possession before being pushed out of bounds by Rambler Brock Middleton, the green team were unable to gain enough yards for a first down.

However, the Ramblers saw similarly little progress, despite a short run by Aaron Burrows that was ended by Hornet Tyler Tenney. The Hornets found themselves back in possession on the Rambler 45-yard line.

Reed burst on the following down to sprint 22 yards to get them Hornets within striking range. The green team got even closer when Vroman caught a pass at the 2-yard line. Once more, Reed pushed through the Rambler defense for the touchdown, this time netting an extra point and bringing the game to 13-0 in the Hornets’ favor. With only a scant few seconds left, the green team were able to wait out the rest of play to win the game with a shutout.

Golden Eagles 12, Green Hornets 0

The Hornets stayed on the field to take on the Golden Eagles, a team they’ve managed to beat in their last two matchups. However, this time the birds managed to out-maneuver the bugs to victory.

The Hornets started with the ball once more, but found little success over their downs, eventually forcing a punt that was caught by Eagle Teegan Perrin. Eagle gains were made by Jack Saxton and Bennett Covell to earn the team another first down. The pair would repeat the process, eventually getting some further support by Bryce Colburn to keep the ball in the gold team’s possession.

While Hornet Aaron Vogus managed some strong defensive tackles, the Eagles kept creeping closer and closer. Finally, Covell ran on a 15-yard carry to get the touchdown.

Heading into the second half, the Hornets took the ball at the 40-yard line, only to find themselves pushed back by the Eagles. Hornet Reed went for a punch up the middle, only to find Eagles Parker Servey and Kailea Nichols ready to tackle him.

With their advance contained, the Hornets were forced to turnover the pigskin. Eagle Cole Averill became the driving force for his team, posting a 7-yard dash followed by a further 25-yard gain on the next down. However, it would be Brody Sellen who finally pushed the ball over into the end zone, giving the Eagles an insurance touchdown. Neither team managed to find the ends of the field again before time ran out on the match, breaking the Eagles losing streak against the Hornets.

Red Ramblers 6, Golden Eagles 6

Last week, the Eagles beat the Ramblers. The match before that, the Ramblers defeated the Eagles. Wednesday, the two teams split the difference and settled for a tie.

The gold team started with the ball, receiving at the 30-yard line. Saxton found himself pushed back for a small loss of 3 yards, but Covell was able to recover for the Eagles by pushing up 6 yards before getting forced out of bounds. Without a major gain, however, the Eagles were made to turnover and the Ramblers gained the ball.

Jaydin O’Neill fought against a tough Eagle defense, but managed to gain a few yards here and there. On a fourth down, he finally found a way through for a 20-yard carry that was only stopped by a tackle from Perrin. The Eagles didn’t let the Ramblers slip over the added downs, and recovered the ball when Noah Jaco picked up a red team fumble.

Only a few downs later, Covell once more slipped through defenses, this time sprinting an impressive 80 yards for a touchdown, giving the Eagles the lead.

The Ramblers took back the ball at the 35-yard line at the start of the second half, but saw no progress. However, the gold team saw some major losses from backfield sacks, and turned the ball back over with little progress.

The red team needed only a few downs to tie up the match. After a small gain of 5 yards by Jimmy Becker, Burrows made a long dash to reach the end zone, tying up the match. Initially, the Ramblers picked up an extra point that would have given them the win, but a hold penalty was called. On the following play, they failed to notch the game-deciding score.

Play was called with 25 seconds left as the teams took a tie game.

The Red Ramblers, Golden Eagles and Green Hornets will return on Wednesday for their final game of the season. Play will start at 6 p.m. with the Hornets vs. the Eagles. The Ramblers will take on the Eagles next, before finishing out the year against the Hornets.

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