MEADVILLE — Dylan Reed (195) and Joey King (220) made it through the first two rounds of competition at the Section 1 Tournament on Friday at Meadville High School to advance to today’s semifinal rounds.

King, who entered the tournament with a 22-4 record, was the top seed of the 220 bracket. After a bye put him into the quarterfinals, the Maplewood junior made quick work of Cambridge Springs’ Jordan Miller with a first-period pin. King will face Corry’s Shawn Proctor in the semifinals, which featured the top four seeds.

“Joey is ready to bring a medal home from Hershey,” Maplewood coach John Parker said. “He’s focused and determined and ready to make some noise this year.”

Reed, a sophomore, got two pins in the third period to advance to the semifinals. The second of which came against No. 3 seed Jacob Jones, of Cambridge Springs, to earn a semifinal date against Corry’s Hayden Linkerhof. Jones was a familiar opponent to Reed, according to Parker.

“They’ve wrestled a bunch of times,” Parker said. “It’s gone both ways, but lately, it was going Jones’ way. Jones tried to headlock him, but Dylan rolled him and got on top.” 

Logan Gross (170) and Steven Heme (285) picked up wins in the round of 16, but were sent to the consolations following a quarterfinal loss. Lucas Kennedy (138), Austin Parker (145) and Greg Roae (160) are also still alive with a chance to wrestle back to compete for one of the top seven spots which earns a trip to next week’s district tournament.

Round of 16

113 — Ethan Nizzi (E) pinned Karleigh Steiner (S), 1:09.

120 — Brandon Lafferty (NE) pinned Caleb Pinaire (G), 1:49. Damion Kinney (CO) major dec. Kyle Huya (CS), 13-0. Logan Platz (SE) pinned Dakota Platz (N), 3:04. Brandon Gaus (S) dec. Isaac McGuire (F), 3-1. Gabe Bayle (GM) dec. Zach Beckwith (U), 8-2.

126 — Shane Peterson (C) pinned Jacob Hauf (CS), 1:20. Derek Hurd (CO) pinned Donovan Davis (F), 1:40. Dakota Slomski (G) pinned Logan McDonald (Y), 4:49. Dylan Marie (SE) major dec. Jacob Williams (E), 8-0.

132 — Jeremy Lopez (N) dec. Jackson Duran (F), 6-0. Willis Morrell (C) pinned David Kelley (NE), 1:26. Ethan Herman (G) pinned Devin Stepaniu (SE), 1:40. James Leyda (U) pinned Jacob Borring (I), 3:17. Lucas Peterson (CO) pinned Jacob Peterson (CS), 1:59.

138 — Matt Cassidy (H) pinned Aric Sweet (GM), 4:54. Justin Boozer (C) pinned Lucas Kennedy (M), 4:38. Gannon Jaquay (E) pinned Matthew Bendure (N), 0:35. Dustin Roesch (G) pinned Clay Thomas (U), 0:48. Trey Proper (CO) pinned David Hall (SE), 2:59. Collin Clough (Y) pinned Kenny Wise (F), 3:30. Ayden Miller (CS) pinned Andres Gonzalez (I), 0:35.

145 — Matt Posego (S) tech. fall Austin Parker (M), 5:00 16-0. Ryan Miller (SE) pinned Chase Beck (CS), 2:38. Josh Bortz (E) pinned Colton Garris (Y), 1:15. Joel Huck (F) pinned Nathan Alberts (C), 1:07. Devin Muscarella (NE) pinned Kyle Myers (U), 0:55. Matt Stenger (H) pinned Ian Lowe (G), 3:10.

152 — Keegan Rafferty (H) pinned Taylor Schultz (S), 1:30. Jack Rimpa (F) pinned Owen Warren (CO), 1:02. Mitchell Marfinetz (G) pinned Parker Barto (U), 0:24. Alex Hummel (E) major dec. Caden McCune (Y), 16-2. Ryan Slupski (I) dec. Kasey Wade (N), 6-0.

160 — Machael Kuntz (N) pinned Greg Roae (M), 1:54. Abraham Keep (G) pinned John Cardoza (I), 1:03. Austin Jaquith (U) pinned Kaleb Rearick (F), 1:00. Dylan Gourley (CO) pinned Brandon Dedrick (GM), 1:09. Josh Berry (SE) pinned Damon Reese (Y), 1:08. Benji Bauer (E) dec. Kyle McDivitt (C), 8-4.

170 — Mikeal Beaver (E) dec. Ben Campbell (N), 8-4. Austin Sacchetti (CO) pinned Dylan Anderson (G), 1:00. Danny Church (F) pinned Sawyer Lawson (Y), 3:59. Logan Gross (M) dec. Jacob Reisinger (S), 4-3.

182 — Shamus Ford (GM) pinned Brandon Farley (I), 0:59. Robert States (G) pinned Deven Morris (Y), 0:42. Robbie Brown (S) pinned Nathan Ransom (N), 1:47.

195 — Josh Perrine (S) pinned Ryan Graves (G), 1:32. Zach Barker (I) pinned Max Atwood (Y), 1:59. Dylan Reed (M) pinned Kyle Learn (SE), 3:25. Josh Parker (E) pinned John Benninger (C), 1:47.

220 — Jordan Miller (CS) pinned Ryen Phennici (SE), 5:53. Steven Herring (NE) pinned Hunter Wright (S), 1:19. Shawn Proctor (CO) pinned Zach Baldwin (G), 1:33. Jaden O’Connor (I) pinned Jaden O’Hara (H), 3:59. Alan McAllister (Y) pinned Tino Nieves (C), 3:44.

285 — Hunter Dickson (GM) dec. Lance McLaughlin (F), 6-1. Jake DeSimone (Y) pinned Braxton Kent (U), 1:30. Steven Heme (M) pinned Darryn Kalicky (H), 1:37. Xavier Castillo (CS) dec. Jesse Gourley (E), 3-2.


106 — Lucas Munsee (CO) pinned Tyler Randall (SE), 1:12. Owen Hershalman (S) pinned Jacob Rodgers (N), 5:29. Mathew Orton (F) pinned Gabe Messmer (G), 1:48. Anthony Rivera (E) pinned Ben Barish (I).

113 — Joey Gabler (H) tech. fall Nizzi, 15-0 2:09. Kayden Reyda (CO) pinned Lance Cardman (G), 0:43. Alex Cottrell (N) dec. Logan Gerlow (CS), 8-1. Gunnar Gage (GM) pinned Josh VanTassell (F), 2:35.

120 — Logan Jaquay (E) pinned Lafferty, 3:32. Kinney dec. L. Platz, 9-4. Joe Capan (H) pinned Gaus, 4:40. Jack Martinec (C) major dec. Bayle, 12-0.

126 — Connor Pierce (H) pinned Beau Caro (GM), 2:20. Peterson pinned Hurd, 3:15. Drew Johnson (I) tech. fall Slomski, 17-0 3:44. Alex Kightlinger (S) dec. Williams, 4-0.

132 — Matt Leehan (GM) pinned Lopez, 5:21. Herman major dec. Morrell, 16-5. Easton Hedman (E) dec. Leyda, 7-2. Jaden Reagle (S) pinned L. Peterson, 3:42.

138 — Kenny Kiser (S) pinned Cassidy, 0:56. Boozer dec. Jaquay, 7-4. Roesch pinned Proper, 5:40. Miller pinned Clough, 0:59.

145 — Jackson Spires (GM) major dec. Posego, 8-0. Miller dec. Bortz, 3-2. Huck dec. Muscarella, 6-2. Nick Lapinski (CO) major dec. Stenger, 10-0.

152 — Owen Jefferson (SE) pinned Rafferty, 3:45. Rimpa pinned Dan Mulligan (GM), 1:09. Marfinetz pinned Hummel, 5:21. Stetson Boozer (C) pinned Slupski, 0:58.

160 — Landon Caldwell (S) pinned Kuntz, 0:42. Keep dec. Jaquith, 6-5. Gourley pinned Berry, 3:14. Colton Smith (CS) pinned Bauer, 1:57. 

170 — James Laird (GM) pinned Beaver, 1:10. Sacchetti major dec. Mike Spires (SE), 14-4. Nick Kaday (U) dec. Church, 10-4. Eli Mosconi (CS) pinned Gross, 3:49.

182 — Matt Petrilla (CO) pinned Ford, 5:47. Kaden Tatters (C) pinned Jeremyah Aiken (E), 4:57. Jackson Carico (CS) pinned States, 1:08. Tim Church (F) pinned Brown, 5:22.

195 — Marshall Vantassel (U) pinned Perrine, 1:37. Barker pinned Seth Yarger (GM), 1:00. Reed pinned Jacob Jones (CS), 3:17. Hayden Linkerhof (CO), 1:40.

220 — Joey King (M) pinned Miller, 1:24. Herring pinned Proctor, 5:02. Wilson Spires (GM) pinned O’Connor, 1:37. Cael Black (E) major dec. McAllister, 16-3.

285 — Jordan Schell (G) pinned Dickson, 1:02. Jesse Phelps (NE) pinned DeSimone, 2:43. Xavier Reyda (CO) major dec. Heme, 11-0. Canyon Smith (S) pinned Castillo, 2:15.

First Round Consolations

120 — Huya pinned D. Platz, 2:15. 126 — Hauf dec. Davis, 9-2. 132 — Kelley pinned Stepaniu, 1:27. 138 — Kennedy pinned Bendure, 1:32. Hall dec. Thomas, 4-0. Wise pinned Gonzalez, 1:10. 145 — Beck pinned Garris, 1:20. Myers pinned Alberts, 3:45. 152 — Barto pinned McCune, 1:22. 160 — Rearick pinned Cardoza, 1:39. Dedrick tech. fall Reese, 16-1 4:12. 220 — Baldwin pinned Wright, 0:43.

Team Key

C — Cochranton; CO — Corry; CS — Cambridge Springs; E — Eisenhower; F — Fort LeBoeuf; G — Girard; GM — General McLane; H — Harbor Creek; I — Iroquois; M — Maplewood; N — Northwestern; NE — North East; S — Saegertown; SE — Seneca; U — Union City; Y — Youngsville

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