Frank Barger

Titusville swimmer Frank Barger won the boys 50- and 100-free races, while being a part of two first-place relay teams during Monday’s meet against Grove City.

Although the format was changed up from the norm, the Titusville Rockets swimming teams had their home opener on Monday night at the Titusville High School Natatorium. The Rockets earned a split of the Region 1 meet with the visiting Grove City Eagles as the Titusville boys earned a 127-39 victory, while the Eagles girls picked up a 111-58 win.

Normally, the boys and girls events would alternate throughout the course of action in the pool. However, due to restrictions on the amount of people in the natatorium at one time, there had to be a change in the order of events.

The Titusville and Grove City girls opened up the evening and completed their entire meet prior to the boys taking the pool. Because of less time between the boys’ and girls’ events there were additional breaks implemented to allow for more recovery time for the swimmers. Between the two meets, all of the bleachers were sanitized by members of the THS staff, while the boys warmed up in the pool. 

“It was exciting to finally host our first home meet of the season,” Titusville boys coach Kevin Dawson said. “It was no surprise that things looked a little different due to the situation at hand. With the limited number of people allowed in the pool area, we have had to come up with some creative ways to host meets this season. When swimming against larger teams (like Grove City) we will be running two separate meets. This does increase the meet time by about an hour, but it enables us to keep the athletes separated to some extent.”

The Rocket boys earned their third straight Region 1 win to start the 2020-21 campaign, as Conan Young and Frank Barger had a hand in four Titusville wins. Young took first place in the 200-IM and 400-free, while being a member of the victorious 200-medley and 400-free relay teams. Barger had individual wins in the 50- and 100-free heats, and also was on the winning 200-medley and 400-free relay teams.

Seth Brooks was the third Rocket to pick up two individual wins — the 100-back and 100-fly — and also competed on the winning 200-medley relay. Trey Kirvan won the 200-free and helped out in the 200-medley and 400-free relays. David Hauptman had the final individual Rocket win in the 100-breast and took part in the winning 200-medley and 200-free relays. Duncan Young rounded out the first-place 400-free relay team, as did Hunter Holcomb and Eric Reynolds in the 200-free relay.

Mitchell Baldwin (50-free in medley relay), Machail Fullerton 100-free, 50- and 100-free in relays), Hauptman (50-free, 50-breast in medley relay), Holcomb (200-free), Evan Mullen (100-fly, 100-free in relay), Eric Reynolds (50-free in relay, 100-breast), Sam Wright (100-free), Conan Young (200-IM, 50-fly in medley relay) and Duncan Young (50-fly in medley relay) all turned in season-best swims in their respective races.

“It is always a challenge to come off a long weekend and swim on a non-school day,” Dawson said. “We never seem to have as much energy, but we were able to turn in a few good swims tonight. I have to keep reminding myself that we only have about three weeks of training in so far this season. Usually, we have about two months of consistent training by now and are clicking on all cylinders.”

In girls action, Titusville won the final event of the meet — the 400-free relay — thanks to the efforts of Emma Slocum, Olivia Samonsky, Brooke Kelley and Sophia Sampson. The Rockets dropped their first meet of the season and are now 2-1 overall.

Kelley (100-back and 400-free), Sampson (50- and 100-free) and Slocum (100-fly and 200-free) recorded a pair of second-place swims in their respective events, as did Julia Johnson in the 100-breast.

Titusville will be back in the pool on Thursday when the Rockets battle the Eagles in Grove City at 5 p.m.

Boys: Titusville 127, Grove City 39

200-medley relay — 1. Titusville (Brooks, Hauptman, C. Young, Barger) 2:00.60; 2. Titusville (Wright, Reynolds, D. Young, Baldwin); 3. Grove City (Frost, Anderson, Messer, McEwen).

200-free — 1. Kirvan (T) 2:16.75; 2. Holcomb (T); 3. Lenkner (GC); 4. Anderson (GC); 5. LaLone (T).

200-IM — 1. C. Young (T) 2:28.29; 2. D. Young (T); 3. Baldwin (T); 4. Nesbit (GC); 5. Gajda (GC).

50-free — 1. Barger (T) 26.67; 2. Hauptman (T); 3. Messer (GC); 4. McEwen (GC); 5. Deeter (T).

100-fly — 1. Brooks (T) 1:10.95; 2. D. Young (T); 3. Mullen (T).

100-free — 1. Barger (T) 1:00.80; 2. Wright (T); 3. Messer (GC); 4. McEwen (GC); 5. Brown (GC).

400-free — 1. C. Young (T) 4:39.89; 2. Kirvan (T); 3. Baldwin (T); 4. Lenkner (GC); 5. Barber (GC).

200-free relay — 1. Titusville (Hauptman, Holcomb, Reynolds, Kirvan) 1:56.02; 2. Grove City (Nesbit, Anderson, Messer, McEwen); 3. Grove City (Frost, Brown, Gajda, Barber).

100-back — 1. Brooks (T) 1:11.88; 2. Wright (T); 3. Mullen (T); 4. Brown (GC); 5. Frost (GC).

100-breast — 1. Hauptman (T) 1:13.63; 2. Holcomb (T); 3. Reynolds (T); 4. Anderson (GC).

400-free relay — 1. Titusville (Kirvan, D. Young, C. Young, Barger) 4:07.61; 2. Grove City (Barber, Lenkner, Gajda, Nesbit); 3. Titusville (LaLone, Fullerton, Deeter, Mullen).

Girls: Grove City 111, Titusville 58

200-medley relay — 1. Grove City (Beck, McNabb, R. Krenzer, B. Krenzer) 2:10.35; 2. Grove City (Smith, Gray, Reynolds, Thomas); 3. Titusville (Kelley, Ongley, Sampson, Hetrick).

200-free — 1. R. Krenzer (GC) 2:23.94; 2. Slocum (T); 3. Smith (GC); 4. Samonsky (T); 5. Cummings (GC).

200-IM — 1. B. Krenzer (GC) 2:50.89; 2. Reynolds (GC); 3. Bett (GC); 4. Foote (T); 5. Ongley (T).

50-free — 1. Beck (GC) 28.17; 2. Sampson (T); 3. McNabb (GC); 4. Thomas (GC); 5. Hetrick (T).

100-fly — 1. B. Krenzer (GC) 1:28.26; 2. Slocum (T); 3. Sanders (GC); 4. Titus (T).

100-free — 1. Beck (GC) 1:02.89; 2. Sampson (T); 3. Thomas (GC); 4. Allan (GC); 5. Hetrick (T).

400-free — 1. R. Krenzer (GC) 5:12.60; 2. Kelley (T); 3. Gray (GC); 4. Johnson (T); 5. Fry (T).

200-free relay — 1. Grove City (B. Krenzer, McNabb, R. Krenzer, Beck) 2:01.06; 2. Grove City (Bett, Thomas, Reynolds, Smith); 3. Titusville (Foote, Hetrick, Samonsky, Slocum).

100-back — 1. Smith (GC) 1:21.23; 2. Kelley (T); 3. Reynolds (GC); 4. Sanders (GC); 5. Foote (T).

100-breast — 1. McNabb (GC) 1:25.13; 2. Johnson (T); 3. Ongley (T); 4. Gray (GC); 5. Bett (GC).

400-free relay — 1. Titusville (Slocum, Samonsky, Kelley, Sampson) 5:03.23; 2. Grove City (Allan, Cummings, Gray, Sanders); 3. Titusville (Titus, Foote, Fry, Ongley).

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