Ezekiel White

Titusville’s Ezekiel White won Tuesday’s varsity boys race against Youngsville in 17 minutes and 48 seconds.

For the second straight Region 6 cross country meet, the Titusville Rockets brought out the brooms for a sweep of their opponent.

Titusville earned a relatively easy pair of wins on Tuesday when Youngsville came to the Ed Myer Complex. The Eagles did not have enough runners to have a team score in any of the four races that were conducted. Nevertheless, the Rocket girls maintained their perfect start to the season by improving to 3-0, while the boys got above the .500 mark at 2-1 on a day that Rocket coach Joe Covell called “another good racing day for both teams.”

Ezekiel White won his third straight varsity boys Region 6 race, coming in at 17 minutes and 48 seconds. Isaiah Yoder (18:09), Gavin Nichols (19:22), Mason Welker (20:15), Chase Mong (24:39) and Jack Brown (25:27) placed second through sixth, respectively.

“Isaiah, Chase and Jack all ran a (personal-best time),” Covell said. “Isaiah ran the best race out of all of the varsity athletes. He tried to hang on to Zeke as long as he could and kept pushing himself when Zeke would surge. Chase and Jack had better starts and finishes. The middle part of their race will come, but they are making tremendous improvements for rookie runners after three races.”

Shea Titus won her first Region 6 race of the season, crossing the finish line at 21:25. Mackenzie Covell (21:31), Emma Wright (21:59), Julia Johnson (22:02), Madison Nellis (22:39), Sophia Sampson (23:23), Isabella Ongley (23:32) and Emma Slocum (23:50) were the next seven to complete the course. Alexa Drake (10th, 24:23), Carly Fry (12th, 28:03) and Tori Bodamer (14th, 30:51) also competed for the Rockets.

“Mack, Alexa, Emma Slocum, and Carly all had PRs for the girls, with Emma Wright coming three seconds from a PR,” coach Covell said. “Alexa and Emma had quite the day with 27- and 28-second PRs. They have been working really hard in practice and on their race day strategy and running form. Tori had a good kick at the end and came up just short of catching the Youngsville runner. The finish push at the end of her race is something we will work on starting sooner and she will get there with a little more race experience. Madison ran a more comfortable race and is improving the most out of anyone on the team even though she has yet to hit her PR.”

In middle school action, Anna Mehlenbacher took first place in the girls race in 11:00. Bryan Johnson was the top Rocket in the boys heat, taking second in 10:18.

Titusville will travel to Rocky Grove on Saturday at 9 a.m. for another region meet.

“Overall, we improved a lot of our times from a week ago on our home course,” coach Covell said. “We are trending in the right direction, but we all still have a lot of work to do to reach our goals.”


Boys: Titusville 15, Youngsville 50

TITUSVILLE — 1. Ezekiel White 17:48, 2. Isaiah Yoder 18:09, 3. Gavin Nichols 19:22, 4. Mason Welker 20:15, 5. Chase Mong 24:39, 6. Jack Brown 25:27.

YOUNGSVILLE — 7. Michael Crane 25:39.

Girls: Titusville 15, 

Youngsville 50

TITUSVILLE — 1. Shea Titus 21:25, 2. Mackenzie Covell 21:31, 3. Emma Wright 21:59, 4. Julia Johnson 22:02, 5. Madison Nellis 22:39, 6. Sophia Sampson 23:23, 7. Isabella Ongley 23:32, 8. Emma Slocum 23:50, 10. Alexa Drake 24:23, 12. Carly Fry 28:03, 14. Tori Bodamer 30:51.

YOUNGSVILLE — 9. Julia Bajaczko 24:04, 11. Sarah Sabella 26:53, 13. Lilly Sabella 30:29.


Boys: Titusville 15, Youngsville 50

TITUSVILLE — 2. Bryan Johnson 10:18, 3. Sam Smedley 10:44, 5. Alex Reynolds 10:52.1, 6. Joe Herman 11:09, 8. Aidan Patterson 12:15, 9. Noah Shambaugh 13:38, 10. Ayden Fullerton 13:56.

YOUNGSVILLE — 1. Tim Sabella 9:28, 4. Mike Bojaczko 10:52, 7. Tristan White 11:53, 11. Tydus Chase 15:57.

Girls: Titusville 15, Youngsville 50

TITUSVILLE — 1. Anna Mehlenbacher 11:00, 2. Madeline Johnson 11:03, 3. Casey Krepps 11:46, 4. Addison Bish 11:55, 5. Lauren Ongley 12:16, 6. Flynn Kirvan 12:16.1, 7. Marley Griffin 12:19, 8. Kathren LaLone 14:01, 10. Alissa Chess 15:39.

YOUNGSVILLE — 9. Elizabeth Hollis 14:32.

Eagles sweep Tigers

LINESVILLE — The Conneaut Area Eagles cross country team earned a sweep in their Region 3 home meet against the Maplewood Tigers on Tuesday.

Simeon Hunter led the varsity boys to a 15-50 victory over the Tigers by taking first place in 18 minutes and 41 seconds, as the Eagles turned in the top eight finishes in the race. Maplewood’s top runner was Nathan Foster, who took ninth in 21:36.

CASH’s Meaera Shannon was the first to cross the finish line in the varsity girls heat with a time of 20:11. Maplewood’s Alexis Wyant placed third in 23:42.

Maplewood had first-place runners in both of the junior high races. Lincoln Kier claimed the victory in the boys race with a time of 11:38 as the Tigers won the match 15-50. There was no score in the junior high girls race, but Maplewood’s Laura Slagle and Rhinn Post were the first two to complete the course, with Slagle leading the way in 13:19.

Maplewood (0-3) will travel to Meadville on Thursday for a Region 3 meet at 4 p.m.


Boys: CASH 15, Maplewood 50

CASH — 1. Simeon Hunter 18:41, 2. Jordan Kullen 18:46, 3. Nathaniel Turner 18:49, 4. Dylan Fletcher 18:54, 5. Alex Shallenburger 19:01, 6. Evan Alsdorf 20:19, 7. Zach Wheeler 20:53.

MAPLEWOOD — 9. Nathan Foster 21:36, 12. Jarrett Mitchell 25:03, 14. Mathew Bernoski 25:28, 15. Hawk Post 27:49, 17. Jordan Downor 32:30.

Girls: CASH 18, Maplewood 41

CASH —1. Meaera Shannon 20:11, 2. Madison Simmerman 22:58, 4. Chloe Fields 24:50, 5. Sarah Lasko 26:09, 6. Natalie Humes 27:03, 9. Jaidyn Jordan 28:42, 10. Katie Chason 28:45.

MAPLEWOOD — 3. Alexis Wyant 23:42, 7. Sylvianne Wright 28:09, 8. Lisa Prenatt 28:27, 11. Chloe Hickok 28:57, 15. Alaina Gallegor 31:24.


Boys: Maplewood 15, CASH 50

CASH — 5. Charlie Dickey 17:15.

MAPLEWOOD — 1. Lincoln Kier 11:38, 2. Caleb Szympruch 12:22, 3. Logan Kier 13:58, 4. Emmet Pears 14:32, 6. Nick Triola 18:00.

Girls: No score

CASH —3. Rachel Hunter 15:17, 4. Jayda Mcgrath 15:41, 5. Camille Turner 17:24, 6. Jenna Alocell 18:25

MAPLEWOOD — 1. Laura Slagle 13:19, 2. Rhinn Post 15:11.

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