PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh star wide receiver Tyler Boyd has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on drunken driving charges and several related citations and hopes to enter a probation program for first-time offenders, his defense attorney said Wednesday.

If Boyd is accepted into and eventually completes the probation program, which doesn’t require a guilty plea, he can then ask the court to expunge the record of his June 12 arrest in Jefferson Hills, defense attorney Daniel Konieczka told The Associated Press.

Police in the suburb just south of Pittsburgh stopped Boyd about 2:30 a.m. after he allegedly tried to pass another car in an intersection, which is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Because Boyd is 20 and not yet old enough to drink legally in Pennsylvania, he can be charged with drunken driving even if he had less than the .08 percent blood-alcohol limit that’s considered legally drunk for drivers 21 and older.

Boyd told police he had “two shots” during the evening and took breath and blood tests before he was released to a family member that night, police said.

Court records show he has also been cited for purchasing alcohol as a minor; operating a vehicle with alcohol in his system while a minor; careless driving; failing to use a turn signal; and approaching an intersection improperly.

Konieczka wouldn’t comment on the substance of the charges, but said Boyd waived the hearing based on the advice of his attorneys. The defense attorney said he didn’t know what discipline Boyd may still face from the football team.

Boyd is from Clairton, another Pittsburgh suburb a few miles farther south of Jefferson Hills.

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