Mackenzie Covell

Titusville freshman Mackenzie Covell races down the course during the District 10 Cross Country Championship at the Ed Myer Complex in Titusville on Saturday. Covell placed 11th overall in the Class 2A girls' meet with a time of 20:29.

After racing to a perfect record and clinching the Region 6 title this year, the Titusville girls’ cross country team saw the end of its season Saturday after falling short at the District 10 Championship meet held at the Ed Myer Complex.

The young Rocket squad of seven held close together in the race with an average time spread of 1:23 to finish third among the Class 2A girls teams and score just four points behind second-place Corry. 

Freshman Mackenzie Covell led the way for Titusville with an 11th-place finish at 20 minutes and 29 seconds, while Emma Wright (15th, 20:38), Madison Nellis (29th, 21:20), Shea Titus (31st, 21:24), Isabella Ongley (38th, 21:51), Julia Johnson (46th, 21:57) and Sophia Sampson (47th, 22:03) rounded out the Rockets’ scoring.

Titusville coach Joe Covell was impressed with the girls’ results as he said three of his runners earned personal records and two earned course records during the meet.

“It was a good day for the girls,” Covell said. “We finished the season out strong in third place, almost second place.”

None of the Titusville girls qualified for states, however, as only the first-place teams and top-six individual runners outside of the top team in each district championship race moved on to the PIAA Championship on Nov. 7 in Hershey.

The Titusville boys runners also saw their season end Saturday after failing to qualify for the state meet. Senior Ezekiel White led the three Rockets who competed in the Class 2A boys’ meet by crossing the finish line in 33rd place at 17:56. Sophomore Isaiah Yoder followed in 41st place at 18:09, and junior Gavin Nichols placed 56th at 18:46.

“We went out a little too hard, but that’s what happens in a big race,” Covell said of the Rocket boys. “They fought hard all season and did very well today.”

Villa Maria earned the top spot among the Class 2A girls teams to qualify for the state meet. Victors Sarah Clark (6th, 19:50), Saide Latouf (12th, 20:29), Chloe Eubank (17th, 20:43) Helen-Ann McCormick (18th, 20:43), Rue Burkett (24th, 20:57), Caitlin Dugan (34th, 21:39) and Lauren Raimy (57th, 22:46) contributed to Villa Maria’s victory.

Class 2A girls individual runners who will be traveling to Hershey for the state meet include Conneaut Area senior Meaera Shannon (1st, 18:34), Sharon senior Gianna Labbiento (2nd, 18:54), Corry senior Hannah Smrcka (3rd, 19:00), Fairview senior Maddison Hayes (4th, 19:14), Grove City junior Abby Steffler (5th, 19:23) and Oil City freshman Kennedy Liederbach (7th, 19:54).

Grove City took the top spot among the Class 2A boys teams with an average time spread of less than a minute. Senior Gabriel Nichols (3rd, 16:19) led the Eagles while Josh Jones (8th, 16:44), Cael McEwen (12th, 17:02), Quinn McKnight (13th, 17:06), Caleb Hawke (16th, 17:15), Ben Nichols (21st, 17:30) and Alex Hemmerlin (35th, 17:58) followed.

Individual runners who qualified for states in the Class 2A boys’ race include General McClane senior Dylan Throop (1st, 15:22), Hickory senior Cole Frazier (2nd, 16:18), North East senior Brock Pennington (4th, 16:30) and sophomore Lucas Boyd (5th, 16:32), Fairview senior Michael Grechanyy (6th, 16:37) and Meadville freshman Max Dillaman (7th, 16:40). 

In the Class 1A meets Saturday morning, Maplewood junior Alexis Wyant was the first Tiger to cross the finish line in the girls’ race, claiming 14th overall at 20:58. Also racing for Maplewood were freshman Sylvi Wright (52nd, 24:11) and junior Lisa Prenatt (62nd, 25:54).

Racing for the Maplewood boys in the Class 1A boys’ meet were sophomore Nathan Foster (48th, 19:31) and seniors Jarrett Mitchell (61st, 20:29) and Alex Hyde (64th, 20:57).

Wilmington edged Lakeview by two points to claim the top spot among the teams in the Class 1A girls for the second year in a row. Senior Grace Mason (3rd, 19:22) led the charge for the Greyhounds, while Emma Mason (7th, 20:26), Becka Book (17th, 21:18), Ava Shearer (20th, 21:34), Maddalena Dimuccio (27th, 21:57), Jaden Hinderliter (37th, 22:47) and Elise Hilton (45th, 23:20) helped round out the scoring for Wilmington’s state-qualifying finish.

Reynolds’ Hannah Wagner (1st, 18:44) was the one to break the finish line ribbon, however, as she and teammate Bethany Litwiler (6th, 20:22) qualified for states. Individual runners who also qualified for the state meet were Mercer sophomore Willow Myers (2nd, 19:11), Seneca freshman Ashley Post (4th, 19:35), Sharpsville junior Lily Smith (5th, 20:10) and Lakeview junior Mikayla Montgomery (8th, 20:34).

Rocky Grove was the team to beat for the Class 1A boys as they took the top spot among the teams and earned a trip to the state meet. Senior Magnum Vincent crossed the finish line first at 16:43, followed by teammates Ethan Knapp (7th, 17:26), Trevor Hamilton (17th, 18:05), Easton Adamczyk (22nd, 18:13), Isaac Clayton (23rd, 18:19), Evan Wolfgong (24th, 18:24) and Caden Toscano (33rd, 18:38).

Class 1A boys individual runners who qualified for states include Lakeview senior Ethan Barrick (2nd, 16:48) and sophomore Colson Jenkins (3rd, 16:49), Cochranton sophomore Chase Miller (4th, 16:51), Saegertown sophomore Sam Hetrick (5th, 17:16), Union City junior Landon Myer (6th, 17:23) and West Middlesex sophomore Giovanni Rococi (8th, 17:29).

Class 1A Girls

Team Results — *1. Wilmington 33, 2. Lakeview 51, 3. Seneca 95, 4. Saegertown 99, 5. Iroquois 109, 6. Eisenhower 147

*State meet qualifier

Individual State Qualifiers — 1. Hannah Wagner, Reynolds, 18:44; 2. Willow Myers, Mercer, 19:11; 3. Grace Mason, Wilmington, 19:22; 4. Ashley Post, Seneca, 19:35; 5. Lily Smith, Sharpsville, 20:10; 6. Bethany Litwiler, Reynolds, 20:22; 7. Emma Mason, Wilmington, 20:26; 8. Mikayla Montgomery, Lakeview, 20:34; 17. Becka Book, Wilmington, 21:18; 20. Ava Shearer, Wilmington, 21:34; 27. Maddalena Dimuccio, Wilmington, 21:57; 37. Jaden Hinderliter, Wilmington, 22:47; 45. Elise Hilton, Wilmington, 23:20.

Maplewood Results — 14. Alexis Wyant, 20:58; 52. Sylvi Wright, 24:11; 62. Lisa Prenatt, 25:54.

Class 1A Boys

Team Results — *1. Rocky Grove 37, 2. West Middlesex 40, 3. Cochranton 50, 4. Iroquois 119, 5. Greenville 134

*State meet qualifier

Individual State Qualifiers — 1. Magnum Vincent, Rocky Grove, 16:43; 2. Ethan Barrick, Lakeview, 16:48; 3. Colson Jenkins, Lakeview, 16:49; 4. Chase Miller, Cochranton, 16:51; 5. Sam Hetrick, Saegertown, 17:16; 6. Landon Myer, Union City, 17:23; 7. Ethan Knapp, Rocky Grove, 17:26; 8. Giovanni Rococi, West Middlesex, 17:29; 17. Trevor Hamilton, Rocky Grove, 18:05; 22. Easton Adamczyk, Rocky Grove, 18:13; 23. Isaac Clayton, Rocky Grove, 18:19; 24. Evan Wolfgong, Rocky Grove, 18:24; 33. Caden Toscano, Rocky Grove, 18:38.

Maplewood Results — 48. Nathan Foster, 19:31; 61. Jarrett Mitchell, 20:29; 64. Alex Hyde, 20:57. 

Class 2A Girls

Team Results — *1. Villa Maria 36, 2. Corry 56, 3. Titusville 60, 4. General McLane 104, 5. Hickory 122, 6. Conneaut Area 128

*State meet qualifier

Individual State Qualifiers — 1. Meaera Shannon, Conneaut Area, 18:34; 2. Gianna Labbiento, Sharon, 18:54; 3. Hannah Smrcka, Corry, 19:00; 4. Maddison Hayes, Fairview, 19:14; 5. Abby Steffler, Grove City, 19:23; 6. Sarah Clark, Villa Maria, 19:50; 7. Kennedy Liederbach, Oil City, 19:54; 12. Saide Latouf, Villa Maria, 20:29; 17. Chloe Eubank, Villa Maria, 20:43; 18. Helen-Ann McCormick, Villa Maria, 20:43; 24. Rue Burkett, Villa Maria, 20:57; 34. Caitlin Dugan, Villa Maria, 21:39; 57. Lauren Raimy, Villa Maria, 22:46.

Titusville Results — 11. Mackenzie Covell, 20:29; 15. Emma Wright, 20:38; 29. Madison Nellis, 21:20; 31. Shea Titus, 21:24; 38. Isabella Ongley, 21:51; 46. Julia Johnson, 21:57; 47. Sophia Sampson, 22:03.

Class 2A Boys

Team Results — *1. Grove City 40, 2. North East 61, 3. General McLane 71, 4. Cathedral Prep 84, 5. Conneaut Area 119, 6. Oil City 137

*State meet qualifier

Individual State Qualifiers — 1. Dylan Throop, General McLane, 15:22; 2. Cole Frazier, Hickory, 16:18; 3. Gabriel Nichols, Grove City, 16:19; 4. Brock Pennington, North East, 16:19; 5. Lucas Boyd, North East, 16:32; 6. Michael Grechanyy, Fairview, 16:37; 7. Max Dillaman, Meadville, 16:40; 8. Josh Jones, Grove City, 16:44; 12. Cael McEwen, Grove City, 17:02; 13. Quinn McKnight, Grove City, 17:06; 16. Caleb Hawke, Grove City, 17:15; 21. Ben Nichols, Grove City, 17:30; 35. Alex Hemmerlin, Grove City, 17:58.

Titusville Results — 33. Ezekiel White, 17:56; 41. Isaiah Yoder, 18:09; 56. Gavin Nichols, 18:46.

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