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Green Hornet Samuel Prenatt goes for a pass in a match against the Golden Eagles on Wednesday. The Titusville Area Youth Football 2019 season has come to an end, with the Hornets and Eagles each claiming a win in the final matches.

The 2019 Titusville Area Youth Football season came to a close on Wednesday as the Green Hornets, Golden Eagles and Red Ramblers played their final matches for the year.

In these last games, the Hornets and Eagles would claim a victory each, while the Ramblers managed a tied game. The cheerleaders of all three teams also performed a joint dance routine between the first and second games of the night.

Golden Eagles 8, Green Hornets 0

Play started off with the Green Hornets kicking off to the Golden Eagles. The latter team caught the punt at the 40-yard line, and made quick work advancing up the field.

Eagles Bennett Covell and Bryce Colburn teamed to post back-to-back gains on yardage across multiple downs, with Colburn contributing a significant 15-yard run that was only stopped when he was forced out of bounds.

In the end, it was a 5-yard push by Covell that made the touchdown. While the extra point was not scored, the Eagles were on the board, 6-0.

Disaster struck for the Hornets only moments after the received the following kick from the Eagles. After getting the ball on their 35-yard line, the Hornets fumbled the pigskin, which was recovered by Covell to give the Gold possession once more.

While the Green was able to hold off the Eagle advance, thanks in part by defensive efforts from Hornet Ricky Tucker, they were pushed to the very edge of their end zone.

Tragedy came once again for the Hornets after they finally managed to get a turnover to recover the ball. A Gold attack managed to tackle the Hornet quarterback in the team’s own end zone, earning the Eagles a safety that added two further points to their score.

Down by eight points, the Hornets were left with little hope as they kicked the ball back over to the Eagles. While the Green was able to keep their opponents away from the end zone, it wasn’t given the chance to get the ball back as the Eagles held onto possession and won the match.

However, the Hornet defense was able to get in some decent tackles as time ran out. Parker Miller and Jerrin Vroman teamed to put a stop to a 15-yard run by Eagle Brody Sellen, while Vroman would later partner with Andrew McQuown to tackle Sellen for a loss in the backfield.

Red Ramblers 0, Golden Eagles 0

The Eagles stayed on the field as the Red Ramblers stepped up to face them. However, it would turn out to be a sense of deja vu for the two teams, as they would have their second tied game in a row to end the season on.

The Gold started with the ball, and managed a few solid offensive pushes. Covell ran for 12 yards during one down, the advance only stopped by a tackle from Rambler Alexander Hartshorne. Eagle Jack Saxton followed with a short carry, but found himself brought down by Hartshorne and Dante Williams.

Ramblers picked back possession, and quickly went to work pushing back the Eagles’ gains. Following an incomplete pass attempt on the previous down, Rambler Aaron Burrows dashed for 20 yards to significantly advance the line of play. However, no follow up manifested for the Reds, and they were forced to punt back to the Eagles.

Fortunately for the Ramblers, it wouldn’t be long before they got the ball back. A fumble from the Eagles was recovered by the Red’s Parker Davenport to regain possession on the team’s 35-yard line. Burrows, once more pushing for the big plays, made a 35-yard run before being brought down by Eagle Teegan Perrin.

A holding penalty put a hamper on the Rambler advance, however, and the team so close to the end zone couldn’t find a way in. The Eagles recovered the ball, and although Williams managed to intercept a Gold pass, time ran out before the team could capitalize on the play.

Green Hornets 6, Red Ramblers 0

In the final game of the season, the Hornets took to the field once more to face off with the Ramblers.

The Greens started off with the ball, but found misfortune. Little gains were made in terms of yardage, and a fumble helped stymie the offense, though Hornet Tyler Tenney managed to recover the ball before ht Ramblers could.

With the Red defense holding tight, the Hornets had the ball taken from them on a turnover. Rambler Ian Sturns followed through with a 15-yard run before getting tackled by Miller, only to see his team lose yardage on the next few plays. Hornet Jayden Wells put a stop to a pair of Red plays and helped contribute to the Ramblers losing the ball to a turnover themselves.

The Reds received the ball at the 15-yard line. However, the night turned out to be one of short possessions, as they suffered a fumble soon after that the Green managed to recover. On a following play, Hornet John Reed made a major play with a 94-yard run to score the touchdown for his team and giving them the lead.

While only a single touchdown ahead, the Hornets were in a good spot after the score as there was scarcely more than two minutes remaining on the clock. Burrows found his advance attempts blocked initially, though the Ramblers eventually managed to find a way to break through when Eli Knapp dashed 15 yards up the field.

With the ball sitting at the 49-yard line, Burrows made a strong push for the end zone, running 30 yards to get his team within striking distance. While a few more plays may have gotten the touchdown for the Ramblers, there was too little time left and the season was brought to an end with a win for the Hornets.

Equipment return for all Titusville Area Youth Football players will take place on Monday at Main Street Elementary School, from 6-8 p.m. A celebratory banquet at Titusville High School will be held on Tuesday, at 6 p.m.

Ray can be reached, by email, at sray@titusvilleherald.com.

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