Year-by-year results of the American League Championship Series since divisional play began in 1969:

2020_Tampa Bay def. Houston, 4-3

2019_Houston def. New York, 4-2

2018_Boston def. Houston, 4-1

2017_Houston def. New York, 4-3

2016_Cleveland def. Toronto, 4-1

2015_Kansas City def. Toronto, 4-2

2014_Kansas City def. Baltimore, 4-0

2013_Boston def. Detroit, 4-2

2012_Detroit def. New York, 4-2

2011_Texas def. Detroit, 4-2

2010_Texas def. New York, 4-2

2009_New York def. Los Angeles, 4-2

2008_Tampa Bay def. Boston, 4-3

2007_Boston def. Cleveland, 4-3

2006_Detroit def. Oakland, 4-0

2005_Chicago def. Los Angeles, 4-1

2004_Boston def. New York, 4-3

2003_New York def. Boston, 4-3

2002_Anaheim def. Minnesota 4-1

2001_New York def. Seattle, 4-1

2000_New York def. Seattle, 4-2

1999_New York def. Boston, 4-1

1998_New York def. Cleveland, 4-2

1997_Cleveland def. Baltimore, 4-2

1996_New York def. Baltimore, 4-1

1995_Cleveland def. Seattle, 4-2


1993_Toronto def. Chicago, 4-2

1992_Toronto def. Oakland, 4-2

1991_Minnesota def. Toronto, 4-1

1990_Oakland def. Boston, 4-0

1989_Oakland def. Toronto, 4-1

1988_Oakland def. Boston, 4-0

1987_Minnesota def. Detroit, 4-1

1986_Boston def. California, 4-3

1985_Kansas City def. Toronto, 4-3

1984_Detroit def. Kansas City, 3-0

1983_Baltimore def. Chicago, 3-1

1982_Milwaukee def. California, 3-2

1981_New York def. Oakland, 3-0

1980_Kansas City def. New York, 3-0

1979_Baltimore def. California, 3-1

1978_New York def. Kansas City, 3-1

1977_New York def. Kansas City, 3-2

1976_New York def. Kansas City, 3-2

1975_Boston def. Oakland, 3-0

1974_Oakland def. Baltimore, 3-1

1973_Oakland def. Baltimore, 3-2

1972_Oakland def. Detroit, 3-2

1971_Baltimore def. Oakland, 3-0

1970_Baltimore def. Minnesota, 3-0

1969_Baltimore def. Minnesota, 3-0

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