Madden makes dreams come true as best in show

Titusville Police Department Lieutenant Aaron Madden stands with his five trophies from the Natural Eastern Championships bodybuilding competition in Pittsburgh. Madden won first place in four classes as well as overall men’s champion.

Saturday’s Natural Eastern Championships bodybuilding competition in Pittsburgh was a dream come true for Aaron Madden, who won men’s overall champion.

Madden, the lieutenant of the Titusville Police Department, set a goal for himself two and a half years ago, when he made a transition from wrestling to bodybuilding, to win an overall championship at a show. Saturday’s victory gives him the title of 2019 NPC Natural Eastern Men’s Bodybuilding Champion.

It seems that 19 weeks of a taxing preparation routine that entailed planning every aspect of his life — from weighing his meals and timing his runs to scheduling in his family time — paid off for Madden as he took five total trophies from the contest. In addition to winning the overall championship, he also took first in the middleweight, 35 and older, 40 and older and first responder classes.

In total, Madden said there were around 16 to 18 classes in the event. The winner from each class was taken to the finals, pitting Madden up against the top 10 or 12 people in the competition, as some people, like Madden, won more than one class.

During the final competition, the judges called out poses and then all of the finalists would strike that pose, and the judges would compare their bodies for overall physique, graininess, hardness and a number of other qualities.

At the end of the day, Madden emerged as the best in the show which had around 200 contestants in total, many of whom were half Madden’s age.

Usually, this would call for celebration, Madden said, including going out to eat with his family and “pigging out.” This year, that wasn’t an option.

“I got to drink one diet Dew,” he said, referring to his lone cheat reward of a Diet Mountain Dew. “As soon as I came off stage, I had to go right back into prep, because I’ve got a bigger show coming up next week, which  bigger than this one.”

Next week, Madden will face off in the Natural Ohio Championships and Expo in Cleveland, which he said is the largest natural show in the country that is sponsored by the National Physique Committee. Following that, he will be a part of the Great Lakes Championships, of which he is a two time veteran. At the Great Lakes Championships, both times that he competed he swept his classes.

Madden was especially excited about the Pittsburgh show because it was a drug-tested show, meaning that everyone on stage got their form by purely natural means. Because of that, Madden could be sure that everyone was on a level playing field.

Two more weekends of competition are impending, and then Madden has plans to celebrate more fully than with a single can of diet pop.

“After the show, we will probably go to the Golden Corral and eat, eat, eat, eat,” he said.

However, for madden, it doesn’t end there. Already, the day after the Great Lakes Championship, he has planned what he calls “Family Day.” He and his wife and two daughters are going to hit the town. His daughters will be able to each pick a restaurant and they are going to watch Dumbo.

“I will actually get to eat popcorn with them,” Madden said. “I haven’t been able to the last few months.”

The next day, the two girls will go back to school and Madden and his wife will go out for Wife Day, when Madden’s wife will be calling all the shots.

Madden’s next competition is on Saturday, with prejudging beginning at 9 a.m.

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(10) comments

Noahs Bark

Nope. Not a sport. It’s a male beauty pageant. That’s it. The end.


The competition part of bodybuilding takes place in the gym. If you want to gain a deeper understanding then watch the documentary called “Pumping Iron”.

Beauty pageant contestants don’t do anything but show up and wear different outfits and say how they want “World peace!”.....or more accurate for 2019 “Orange man bad!”. Bodybuilders work hard and sacrifice a lot (can be very stressful on their families as well) in order to win titles. It’s a very athletic sport....and I would certainly consider it a sport, especially when you realize that these days playing video games is considered a “sport”.

And Noah’s Bark, no, I don’t think Bronzer is what Trump uses....I think the stuff he’s using is called “Winning”, and I don’t think he’s tired of it yet, and frankly, neither am I.


Nanny39... you can’t actually believe that bodybuilding is a sport. During the “competition” what do the contestants do that requires any type of athletic ability? Do the see who can do the most push ups, sit ups or pull ups? Nope, nothing like that. They shave their legs, put on make up and stand on stage posing for the audience and judges. Sound more like a beauty queen contest rather than an athletic competition. Playing chess is more of an athletic competition than bodybuilding. At least chess players have to “lift” their pieces.

Noahs Bark

Is that the same bronze Trump uses? I would assume so. I too am thrilled for Officer Madden. He isn’t just an excellent police officer, he brings a good name to Titusville. I wish we could hire more officers like him. We NEED more officers like him to protect us from the bad guys. Go Team Madden!


This is not a sport. Not even close.


It’s a bronze colored stuff they put on. The intent is to aid in displaying the definition/striations....the same reason they go hairless.

Jahoba, it’s not a “naughty” picture. We should be proud of Aaron, he’s one of our own and he’s out there representing us and our town. Have some Titusville PRIDE. This place will always be a “cesspool” if you always think it is. I’ve lived all over the world (including overseas) and there’s no place I’d rather be than Titusville. Some people don’t like the lack of change, and to them I say feel free to move. There are tons of places out there that may be a better fit for you. For those of us that appreciate Titusville for how peaceful it is, we’ll stay.

As for Aaron, I say, good job Sir! Well done! I hope Ohio is a big win too!


Guess u don't follow bodybuilding...


Nice coverage by the Herald. Now, my children can't read the news because of all the naughty stories being published. That picture is tasteless.


hey madden, are you wearing blackface? for shame! hahahaha!


It is required...follow the sport to learn more

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