David Hauptman

Titusville’s David Hauptman lowered his 100-meter breaststroke record to 1:11.25 during Tuesday’s Region 1 meet against Slippery Rock. 

A Titusville boys’ record-breaking swim from David Hauptman in the 100-meter breaststroke highlighted Tuesday’s action at the THS natatorium. Titusville and Slippery Rock split their Region 1 meet for the second time this season as the boys in Brown and Gold earned a 90-14 victory, while visiting Slippery Rock claimed the girls meet 102-61.

Hauptman lowered his previous record in the 100-breast by two one-hundredths of a second to 1 minute and 11.25 seconds. He was also a member of the first place 200-medley relay team alongside Seth Brooks, Mitchell Baldwin and Trey Kirvan.

Frank Barger (50- and 100-free) won two individual races, and teamed up with Kirvan, Baldwin and Brooks in the winning 200-free relay for the Titusville boys (12-0). Brooks (100-fly), Kirvan (400-free), Sam Wright (200-free) and Duncan Young (200-IM) also logged a win apiece, while Conan Young’s first-place time in the 100-back was exhibitioned. Hunter Holcomb, Duncan Young, Eric Reynolds and Wright worked together to win the 400-free relay, although their time was exhibitioned.

Barger (100-free), Devon Deeter (100-free, 100-back and 400-free relay) and Preston LaLone (200-IM and 400-free) turned in personal-best times. Barger (50-free and 200-free relay), Brooks (back leg of medley relay, 100-fly and 200-free relay), Kirvan (400-free and 200-free relay), Reynolds (100-breast), Conan Young (100-back) and Duncan Young (100-fly) also had season-best swims.

“We had some really solid swims considering our training has been pretty tough the past few weeks,” Titusville boys coach Kevin Dawson said. “I thought Seth Brooks had a very nice night securing three season-best times. Frank Barger swam really strong with a season-best in the 50-free and a new personal record in the 100-free. Trey Kirvan’s 400-free time was outstanding, and David Hauptman lowered his school record by two one-hundredths of a second. The boys are feeling the pressure of districts only taking the top 12 in each event. They know how important it is to post a quick time in the events they want to swim just to get in.”

Sophia Sampson (100-free) and Brooke Kelley (200-free) won one event each for the Titusville girls (6-5-1). Kelley hit the district consideration time in the 100-back, as did the 200-free relay team of Kelley, Olivia Samonsky, Emma Slocum and Sampson.

Shea Titus dropped 17 seconds for a PR in the 200-free, while Carly Fry had a 10-second drop in the 200-free and another PR in the 100-free. Foote chiseled off 23 seconds in the 400-free, as Julia Johnson (100-breast) and Isabella Ongley (100-breast) also had personal bests. Ongley also had a season-best time in the 50-free.

“We are still in the groove winding the season down,” Titusville girls coach Seth Come said. “Slippery Rock, unfortunately, was just too powerful for us to take down. The girls are focused and ready to finish out these last two meets strong. Their heads are in the right place and I’m excited to see what this next one brings.”

Titusville will host Hickory on Thursday at 5 p.m. in their senior-night meet. The seniors will be honored at the conclusion of the meet.  

Boys: Titusville 90, 

Slippery Rock 14

200-medley relay — 1. Titusville (Brooks, Hauptman, Baldwin, Fullerton) 2:02.81.

200-free — 1. Wright (T) 2:17.50; 2. Baldwin (T); 3. Bowser (SR); 4. Fullerton (T).

200-IM — 1. D. Young (T) 2:35.23; 2. Mullen (T); 3. LaLone (T).

50-free — 1. Barger (T) 24.72; 2. Wallace (SR); 3. C. Young (T); 4. Reynolds (T).

100-fly — 1. Brooks (T) 1:05.96; 2. D. Young (T); 3. Bowser (SR).

100-free — 1. Barger (T) 55.43; 2. Wallace (SR); 3. Baldwin (T); 4. Deeter (T).

400-free — 1. Kirvan (T) 4:26.74; 2. Mullen (T); 3. LaLone (T).

200-free relay — 1. Titusville (Kirvan, Baldwin, Brooks, Barger) 1:45.81; 2. Titusville (C. Young, D. Young, Wright, Hauptman).

100-back — x1. C. Young (T) 1:05.76; x2. Wright (T); x3. Deeter (T).

100-breast — x1. Hauptman (T) 1:11.25; x2. Reynolds (T); x3. Holcomb (T).

400-free relay — x1. Titusville (Holcomb, D. Young, Reynolds, Wright) 4:42.87; x2. Titusville (Deeter, Fullerton, Mullen, LaLone).

Girls: Slippery Rock 102, Titusville 61

200-medley relay — 1. Slippery Rock (A. Olshanski, Double, A. Shea, G. Olshanski) 2:20.70; 2. Titusville (Kelley, Johnson, Sampson, Slocum); 3. Slippery Rock (Suorsa, McCandless, Massella, Vadja).

200-free — 1. Kelley (T) 2:34.71; 2. McCandless (SR); 3. Colvin (SR); 4. Titus (T); 5. Fry (T).

200-IM — 1. A. Olshanski (SR) 2:55.54; 2. Massella (SR); 3. Slocum (T).

50-free — 1. G. Olshanski (SR) 29.19; 2. Sampson (T); 3. A. Shea (SR); 4. K. Shea (SR); 5. Samonsky (T).

100-fly — 1. Suorsa (SR) 1:18.77; 2. K. Shea (SR); 3. Massella (SR); 4. Titus (T).

100-free — 1. Sampson (T) 1:05.61; 2. G. Olshanski (SR); 3. A. Shea (SR); 4. Slocum (T); 5. Fry (T).

400-free — 1. Double (SR) 5:24.57; 2. McCandless (SR); 3. Foote (T); 4. Fink (T); 5. Johnson (T).

200-free relay — 1. Slippery Rock (A. Olshanski, A. Shea, Double, G. Olshanski) 2:05.95; 2. Titusville (Kelley, Samonsky, Slocum, Sampson); 3. Slippery Rock (K. Shea, Vajda, Massella, Colvin).

100-back — 1. A. Olshanski (SR) 1:17.81; 2. Kelley (T); 3. Suorsa (SR); 4. Foote (T).

100-breast — 1. Double (SR) 1:31.10; 2. Johnson (T); 3. Ongley (T); 4. Fink (T); 5. Colvin (SR).

400-free relay — 1. Slippery Rock (K. Shea, Colvin, McCandless, Suorsa) 5:07.21; 2. Titusville (Foote, Titus, Ongley, Samonsky).Xxxx

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