Garry Gates

1999 Titusville High School graduate Garry Gates currently sits in second place at the final table of the 2019 World Series of Poker.

LAS VEGAS — The second-largest World Series of Poker field of 8,569 players has been narrowed down to just five. Garry Gates, a Titusville native and current Henderson, Nevada resident, is one of those five vying for the top prize of $10 million. 

Gates has a chip count of 171,700,000 in the 50th installment of the tournament and currently trails Germany’s Hossein Ensan by 36,000,000 chips heading into tonight’s round at the final table, which will be aired at 10 p.m. on ESPN. 

His chip count is also higher than the combined total from third place to fifth place competitors Kevin Maahs, Alex Livingston and Dario Sammartino, respectively, after the first 56 hands of the final table. No matter the outcome of the next hours that follow, Gates has guaranteed himself at least a $2.2 million prize.

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Noahs Bark

This is an awesome achievement! First Col. Drake, then Ida Tarbell and now Gary Gates! Titusville is still as relevant than ever! Nice job Gary!!!

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