Brooke Kelley

Titusville’s Brooke Kelley dropped 12 seconds en route to winning the girls’ 400-free and hitting the district consideration time in the event.

For the second time this season, the Titusville Rockets swim teams earned a Region 1 sweep of the Franklin Knights. On Thursday, the Rockets widened the margin of victory in both meets, as the Rocket girls started the evening with a 94-67 win, which was followed by the Rocket boys’ 115-55 triumph.

With a relatively larger school in town, the Rockets conducted Thursday’s girls meet in its entirety prior to the boys meet.

The Rocket girls (6-4-1) got two first-place wins from Sophia Sampson (50- and 100-free), while Madison Foote (100-fly), Julia Johnson (100-breast) and Brooke Kelley (400-free) won their respective races. Titusville also claimed two of the relays, with Kelley, Isabella Ongley, Sampson and Emma Slocum teaming up in the 200-medley; and Sampson, Foote, Ongley and Olivia Samonsky winning the 200-free. 

Sampson hit personal-best times in both of her victories and “put herself in contention for one of the 12 spots for districts,” according to girls coach Seth Come. Kelley dropped 12 seconds for a personal best in the 400-free, and hit the district consideration time in the event. Also dropping their season-best times in their respective events were Foote (200-free), Carly Fry (200-IM), Johnson (200-free), Ongley (200-IM) and the 200-medley relay.

“This, I feel, was one of our most complete meets of the season,” Come said. “The girls are hitting their stride right now. I’m excited to see how we finish out these last three home meets, based on how we performed tonight. Hopefully we can keep the time drops coming. I think we are going to have a really fun ending to our regular season.”

Frank Barger (50-free and 100-fly) helped lead the Rocket boys (11-0) to victory with two individual wins. Mitchell Baldwin (200-free), Seth Brooks (100-back), David Hauptman (100-breast), Trey Kirvan (400-free), Sam Wright (100-free) and Conan Young (200-IM) also logged individual wins. Titusville swept all three relays, with Brooks, Hauptman, Young and Kirvan taking the 200-medley; Hauptman, Wright, Young and Barger winning the 200-free; and Kirvan, Duncan Young, Brooks and Barger claiming the 400-free.

Hauptman’s time in the 100-breast was one-one-hundredth of a second shy of his school record in the event and was a season-best time. Titusville boys coach Kevin Dawson believes that his time will “most certainly cement his place at districts.”

Wright hit the district consideration time in both the 50- and 100-free, while Barger turned in a PR in the 100-fly. Hitting personal bests were Brooks (100-back) and Kirvan (400-free and 400-free relay split). Barger (50-free and 200- and 400-free relay splits), Devon Deeter (50-free and 100-back), Hauptman (200-IM), Preston LaLone (200-free) and Conan Young (200-IM and 200-free relay split) recorded season-best times.

“Tonight was a very promising meet,” Dawson said. “I was worried because we missed so much training time during the COVID-19 shutdown, we wouldn’t have enough time to reach our top-times before districts. However, to my delight, we had several time drops resulting in season-best times, new district qualifiers and nearly a new record.”

Titusville will be back in the pool on Monday when the Rockets host Slippery Rock at 5 p.m.

Boys: Titusville 115, Franklin 55

200-medley relay — 1. Titusville (Brooks, Hauptman, C. Young, Kirvan) 1:58.97; 2. Franklin (Boozell, Pfennigwerth, Hoffman, E. Nightingale); 3. Franklin (Pretttyman, Fackler, C. Nightingale, Hoover).

200-free — 1. Baldwin (T) 2:18.33; 2. Brooks (T); 3. Boozell (F); 4. LaLone (T); 5. Dunkle (F).

200-IM — 1. C. Young (T) 2:24.05; 2. Hauptman (T); 3. D. Young (T); 4. Pfennigwerth (F); 5. Burchfield (F).

50-free — 1. Barger (T) 24.81; 2. Hoffman (F); 3. Wright (T); 4. E. Nightingale (F); 5. Weismann (F).

100-fly — 1. Barger (T) 1:04.66; 2. Hoffman (F); 3. Baldwin (T); 4. C. Nightingale (F); 5. Mullen (T).

100-free — 1. Wright (T) 1:00.35; 2. Reynolds (T); 3. E. Nightingale (F); 4. Boozell (F); 5. Weismann (F).

400-free — 1. Kirvan (T) 4:36.34; 2. D. Young (T); 3. Fackler (F); 4. Dnkle (F); 5. Yard (F).

200-free relay — 1. Titusville (Hauptman, Wright, C. Young, Barger) 1:48.78; 2. Franklin (Pfennigwerth, E. Nightingale, Boozell, Hoffman); 3. Titusville (Baldwin, Reynolds, LaLone, D. Young).

100-back — 1. Brooks (T) 1:07.19; 2. Mullen (T); 3. Pretttyman (F); 4. Deeter (T); 5. Hoover (F).

100-breast — 1. Hauptman (T) 1:11.28; 2. Pfennigwerth (F); 3. Reynolds (T); 4. C. Young (T); 5. Weismann (F).

400-free relay — 1. Titusville (Kirvan, D. Young, Brooks, Barger) 4:05.22; 2. Franklin (C. Nightingale, Hoover, Pretttyman, Fackler); 3. Titusville (Baldwin, Mullen, LaLone, Fullerton).

Girls: Titusville 94, Franklin 67

200-medley relay — 1. Titusville (Kelley, Ongley, Sampson, Slocum) 2:21.97; 2. Franklin (Brown, Anderson, Eshelman, Pfennigwerth); 3. Titusville (Deeter, Fink, Titus, Fry).

200-free — 1. Bordell (F) 2:41.40; 2. Foote (T); 3. Johnson (T); 4. Ferraro (F); 5. Steigerwald (F).

200-IM — 1. Brown (F) 2:36.49; 2. Slocum (T); 3. Ongley (T); 4. Eshelman (F); 5. Anderson (F).

50-free — 1. Sampson (T) 29.20; 2. Pfennigwerth (F); 3. Titus (T); 4. Fink (T); 5. Cable (F).

100-fly — 1. Foote (T) 1:35.56; 2. Titus (T).

100-free — 1. Sampson (T) 1:05.26; 2. Pfennigwerth (F); 3. Samonsky (T); 4. Bordell (F); 5. Fry (T).

400-free — 1. Kelley (T) 5:22.68; 2. Slocum (T); 3. Eshelman (F).

200-free relay — 1. Titusville (Sampson, Foote, Ongley, Samonsky) 2:12.51; 2. Franklin (Ferraro, Anderson, Cable, Bordell); 3. Franklin (Steigerwald, Anderson, Winslow, Boozell).

100-back — 1. Brown (F) 1:09.84; 2. Kelley (T); 3. Samonsky (T); 4. Ferraro (F); 5. Steigerwald (F).

100-breast — 1. Johnson (T) 1:32.37; 2. Anderson (F); 3. Ongley (T); 4. Winslow (F); 5. Fink (T). 

400-free relay — 1. Franklin (Bordell, Eshelman, Pfennigwerth, Brown) 4:55.29; 2. Titusville (Foote, Samonsky, Kelley, Slocum); 3. Franklin (Cable, Boozell, Steigerwald, Winslow).

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